Anderson Genealogy


Captain John W. Anderson Genealogy

A son of John W. Anderson and Eliza Clifford Wayne; son of Capt. Geo. Anderson, of Berwick, Northumberland Co., England. Eliza Clifford Wayne was daughter of Richard Wayne and Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Clifford. Capt. John W. Anderson and Sarah Ann Houstoun had:

  •  Robert Houstoun Anderson (General, C. S. A.), married Sarah Clitz.

  •  George W. Anderson (Maj., C. S. A.), married Katharine H. Berrien.

  •  John W. Anderson (Captain, C. S. A.), married Jessie C. Wragg,

  •  Clarence G. Anderson, married Florida Lamar.

  •  Clifford W. Anderson (Col., 1st Regiment), married first, Clifford N. West; second, Hannah T. Walker.

  •  Eliza Clifford Anderson, married Hon. Walter T. Chisholm, an eminent lawyer and Judge, President of Plant System.

And thus do we see this family united to the Berriens, Wraggs, of South Carolina, Lamars, Wests, Walkers and Houstouns, and descended from the eminent family of Wayne and Anderson, connected to so many of the gentry of Georgia, the Jones, Wallaces, Savages, Owens. &c.



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