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Calvin Andrews Genealogy

Calvin Andrews (John5, Richard4, Samuel3, Thomas2, William1), born Jan. 16, 1791. Died Feb. 20, 1864. Came to Kinsman 1811. Moved to Gustavus and then to Wayne, Ashtabula Co., Ohio. Married Elizabeth Crosby. Had four daughters.


  1. Rosetta Andrews. Died Jan. 31, 1850, at Sterling, Ill. Married Francis Steele, Andover, Ohio, son of Zadoc Steele, Andover, Ohio. Came from New Hartford, Litchfield Co., Conn. Children:

    1. Loring Steele.

    2. Calvin Steele.

    3. Claudius Steele.
      All three were in Civil war. Loring was wounded, and Claudius was killed on battlefield.

    4. Sarah Steele. Lived to old age. Unmarried.

    5. Clara Emily Steele. Died at age of 6.

  2. Philena Andrews. Married _____________ Babcock. Children:

    1. Beecher Babcock. Died Dec. 25, 1861, age 20.

    2. Silas Babcock. Died Jan. 16, 1916, age 73.

    3. Clara Babcock. Still living, Andover, Ohio., 1934, age 81.Married first Mr. Goldman of Des Moines, Iowa. Married second Mr. Jones. Children:

      1. Mildred Goldman. Died 1926, at Andover, Ohio. Married Charles Cleaver in W. Va. Children:

        1. Alice Cleaver. At school. Lives Andover Ohio, 1934.

        2. Paul Cleaver. Age 12, 1934. Lives Andover, Ohio.

      2. Bessie Goldman. Died in Wayne, Ohio, age 13.

  3. Temperance Andrews. Married James Follett. No Children.

  4. John Andrews, born Jan. 6, 1825. Married, 1848, Eunice E. Cook. Children:

    1. Wells Andrews.

    2. Rollin Andrews.

    3. Calvin Andrews.

    4. Lincoln Andrews.

    5. Felicia Andrews. Married Almon Marsh.

  5. Melanthon Andrews. Married Augusta Cathcart. Children:

    1. George Andrews. Died 1932, in Honolulu, age 73.

    2. Charles Andrews.

    3. Fanny Andrews.

    4. Lucy Andrews. Living Dec., 1934.

    5. Grace Andrews. Living Dec., 1934.

    6. Louis Andrews. Living Dec., 1934.

    7. John Andrews. Living Dec. 1934.

  6. George Andrews. Died at Oberlin, Ohio, age 98. Married Eunice C. Cook.

  7. Jane Andrews. Married Rev. Daniel R. Miller. Children:

    1. Sarah Miller. Married Harry Lindsay.

    2. Harriet Miller. Died young.

    3. Died young.



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