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Carpenter Family of Rhode Island

Richard Carpenter, of Amesbury, England. (Amesbury, in Wiltshire Co., England, is situated 7 1/2 miles north of Salisbury, and 78 miles south-westerly from London. The town is of great antiquity, bat has now but little trade. The Wesleyan Methodists have a meeting house here. Addison the poet was born here in 1672. Stonehenge is two miles west of the town). Richard was born 1575, and was buried September 21, 1625. Vide Register of Burials of Amesbury Parish, Salisbury, Wilts., England. John Selwin, minister.

William Carpenter, eldest son of the above Richard (and who was probably cousin to William, of Rehoboth), came to America and settled at Providence, R. I., with 'Roger Williams, 1636. (Swore allegiance in Providence, in 1666.) He married Flizabeth Arnold, a sister of Governor Benedict Arnold, the first Governor of Rhode Island He was one of the principal men of the settlement, Member of the Council, Adviser, etc., and tradition says a preacher, as well as a founder of the first Baptist Society of Providence. He died Sept. 7, 1685. In his will, dated Feb. 10, 1679-80, he mentions "my eldest son Joseph and my daughter Lydia Smith, my daughter Priscilla Vincent (who, on May 31, 1670, married William Vincent), my two sons, Silas and Benjamin, my son Timothy, my son Ephraim, and the oldest son Ephraim of my son Ephraim, by his first wife, " also my brother, Stephen Arnold, my grandson Anillion Carpenter, to Flizabeth, my beloved wife.

He also mentions Susanna, sister to his grandson Ephraim, who was not 21 years of age at the date of his will.

In the codicil, March 15, 16834 he revokes a part of his will to his son Ephraim, and wills it to his grandson Ephraim and his sister Susanna,

By a deed of gift to his sister Fridgsweet Vincent, he mentions his father Richard, who left property to him in Amesbury, in the County of Wilts., Fngland, to wit: "a house in Frog Lane." Deed dated December 4, 1671. In the will of Ephraim Carpenter, Jun'r, he mentions his father Ephraim, of Long Island. Ephraim, Jr., died Feb'y 22, 1697-8.

Joseph Carpenter, eldest son of the above William, was born probably in England. He remained at Providence with his father till about 1664, when he removed to Long Island, and on May 24, 1668, he purchased from the Indians the land known as Mascheto Cove, and the sale_ was confirmed unto him by Gov'r Edmond Andross, Sept. 29, 1677. The Oyster Bay records contain a great number of . deeds to and from him, as well as mention of him as referee in disputes, &c. He married Ann Wickes. He died in the summer of 1683. Letters of administration were granted to his widow Ann and his son Joseph, July 9, 1684. His children were: Joseph, Nathaniel, William, Thomas, Benjamin and John.

Silas (2), brother of the above, married Sarah Arnold, daughter of Stephen Arnold. Silas died in Providence, Deer 25, 1695 (Sw. Alleg., 1671. His widow married, for her second husband, Edward Potter). The children of Silas were: Silas, William, Mary, Ephraim, Joseph, Israel and Jacob.

Joseph (2), son of Joseph (1), married Anne -, and died about 1692, leaving sons Joseph (3), born Oct. 16, 1685, and Thomas.

William, son of Joseph (1), married Flizabeth -. Their children were: William, Benjamin, Silas (and probably a Joseph), and one daughter Sarah, who married John Cook.

Nathaniel Carpenter, son of Joseph (1), married Tamar Coles. Their children I cannot fully trace, but am satisfied that Robert, "the Miller, " Timothy, "of North Castle, " Benjamin, "the Saddler, " and John, "of Fredericksburgh, " and Nathaniel, Jr., were his. He . removed to North Castle, Westchester County, in 1719-20, and died there Feb'y 25th, 1730. (Record says Nathaniel, Jr.).

Benjamin, son of Joseph (1), married Mercy Coles (a sister of Tamar). Their children were: Joseph, of Lattingtown, b. Sept. 15, 1705; Benjamin, of Orange County, b. Nov. 3, 1708; Samuel, John and Timothy-five brothers-who all settled in Orange and Ulster County, N. Y., and two daughters (twins), Flizabeth and Hannah, b. Aug. 17, 1708.

John, son of Joseph (1), married Martha Feakes, June 12, 1713; they resided at Red Springs, L. I. (as did also his brother Benjamin)- The children of John were probably John, Jr., Jacob, Joseph, Isaac, Martha and Phebe.

Benjamin, of Providence, son of William (1) (Sw. Alleg., May, 1671). - Perhaps he married Renew, daughter of William Weeks, of Dorchester, but he was a permanent resident at Rehoboth. Their children were: Jotham, b. June 1, 1682, bapt. July 1, 1683; John, bapt. June 21, 1691, and Submit, Nov'r 5, 1693. All, I judge, at Dorchester, in right of their mother.

Timothy, son of William (1), married and had issue, viz: Timothy, Elkalannah, Elizabeth, Hannah.

Ephraim, son of William (1), married . and had issue, viz: Ephraim, Susannah, Josias, and Joseph and Phebe.



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