Carpenter Genealogy


Preston Carpenter Genealogy


I. HANNA.- CARPENTER, daughter of Preston and Hannah Carpenter, born 1743, and died 1820, married Charles Ellet, 1768, of New Jersey.


III.-ELIZABETH CARPENTER, daughter of Preston and Hannah Carpenter, married Ezra Firth, of Salem County, N. J.


V. MARY CARPENTER, daughter of Preston and Hannah Carpenter, married Samuel Tonkin-. She was born 1750, and died 182L

VI--THOMAS CARPENTER, son of Preston and Hannah Carpenter, born 1752. Married Mary Tonkin, and left Edward, who was born 1776, and married Sarah, daughter of James Stratton, M.D., of Swedesborough, sister of Ex-Governor Charles C. Stratton. Edward Carpenter died 1813, and left:

1. Thomas P. Carpenter (died 1876), Counselor at Law, and ExJustice New Jersey Supreme Court. Married Rebecca, daughter of Dr. Samuel Hopkins, of Philadelphia. Children: Susan, Mary, Anna S., Thomas P. and James H. Carpenter.

2. Mary T. Carpenter, married Richard W. Howell, Counselor of Supreme Court, New Jersey.

3. James S. Carpenter, married Camilla Sanderson. Heirs: John T., Sarah S., Sophia C., Cornelia M., James E. and Preston, Camilla, Mary H., Richard H.

4. Samuel T. Carpenter, married Frances Champlain, of Connecticut. Heirs: Samuel C. B. and Frances, Mary, and others (five) by second wife, Emily Thompson.

5. Edward Carpenter, married Anna Maria Howe. Heirs: Lewis H., Colonel U. S. A., James E., Sarah C., Mary H., Casper W. and Thomas P. and Charles C. S., Henrietta H.

VII-WILLIAM CARPENTER, son of Preston and Hannah Carpenter, born 1754, died 1837. Married, first, Elizabeth Wyatt (born 1764, died 1790). Their children were: 1. Mary Wyatt, born 1783, died 1836. (She married James Hunt, of Penna., and left two sons, John and William, and daughters, Mary, Naomi and Hannah.) 2. Hannah, born 1785, died young.

William Carpenter married secondly, 1801, Mary Redman, born 1779, and died 1846. Their heirs:

1. William, married first, Hannah Scull, and secondly Phebe Warren.

2. John Redman, unmarried. He was a young man of unusual talents, and at the time of his death (1833) Cashier of the Branch Bank of the United States, at Buffalo, N. Y.

3. Rachel R., married Charles Sheppard. Heirs: William C. (who: married Hannah E. Tomes), and John R. C.

4. Hannah, died young.

5. Samuel Preston Carpenter, married Hannah, daughter of Benjamin and Sarah W. Acton. Heirs: John Redman Carpenter (married Mary C., daughter of Joseph B. Thompson.) (Heirs: Preston and Elizabeth.) Sarah Wyatt (married Richard H. Reeves). (Heirs: Augustus, Hannah, Mary and Alice.) Samuel Preston, Jr. (married Rebecca Bassett). (Heir: Benjamin B.) William Samuel P. Carpenter, married secondly, Sarah Sheppard.

VIII.-Margaret Carpenter, daughter of Preston and Hannah Carpenter, married James M. Woodnutt, of Salem County, N. J.

IX. -JOHN CARPENTER, died young.

X.-MARTHA CARPENTER, daughter of Preston and Hannah Carpenter, married Joseph Reeves, of Salem County, N. J. Heirs: Samuel, Milicent, Joseph and Mary. (Samuel married Achsah Stratten, Milicent married Jos. Owens.)



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