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Fay Hazen Farris Genealogy

247 Fay Hazen Farris, son of J. Edd and Catherine Cook Farris, b. April 3, 1895, in Wayne County, Tennessee. He owned and operated the Savannah Hotel and had other business and farming interests in and near Savannah, Tennessee. He m. Belle Deberry of Savannah. He d. May 20, 1957.


320. Fay Hazen, Jr., b. December 26, 1920, Savannah, Tennessee. He m. Dorothy Barker. They live in Savannah and he is county court clerk of Hardin County. They have two sons: John Edd, b. April 29, 1947, and Ralph Allen b. March 7, 1952.

321. Mary Japp, b. April 3, 1923, in Savannah, Tennessee. She m. Noel Freeman. They live in Savannah and have a son, Robert Noel, and a daughter, Martha.




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