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Martin Cook Family Reunion

A local Wayne Co. newspaper carried the following article in the August 11, 1898 issue:

"Saturday, Aug. 6th, on Hardin's creek, near Shady Grove, was a memorable day to the descendents of the Martin Cook family.

"In 1820 Martin Cook and Katie Murchison were married and raised their family, consisting of five children, at the Rich Moore place. Of the five only three were married, viz. Elizabeth to Thomas Moore, John to Mary A. Johnson and Nannie to B. S. Hardin, all of whom reared large families on and near Hardin's creek. Of the Thomas Moore lineage there were present at the reunion himself, two sons, Richard and Ed, with their families, and one daughter, Mrs. Alansen Brown, and her daughter, Miss Nannie of San Marcos, Tex.

"Of the John Cook family there were present his widow, three sons and four daughters, John, Doctors Kinney L. and Tim, Nannie Grimes, Fannie Walker and Kate Farris, accompanied by their families, and Miss Belle Cook. Also the families of Mr. W. M. Cook and Mrs. Mollie Deberry, deceased. Of the B. S. Hardin family present were his five children, John, Mrs. Kate Hudiburg and family, Lee, Nena and Bennie, with their mother, Mrs. S. S. Hudiburg, also Mr. Hudiburg. Eighty-six of the Martin Cook posterity still survive; of this number seventy-four participated in the joys of the occasion. Everything to make the occasion a grand success was done, under the direction of Dr. K. L. Cook, who was marshal of the day.

"Those present who were not directly connected with the family were Mrs. J. W. Johnson and daughter, Miss Estelle, of Alabama, Mrs. Dillon and daughter, Miss Lillie, Mr. Joe Webster and wife, Misses Willie L. and May Hardin, and W. A. Johnson, all of whom with the relatives, seemed to enjoy themselves very much. Some were old and decrepit, with gray hairs adorning their temples, some young and gay, full of frolic and glee, but all alike mingled together in pleasant conversation, enjoying the festivities of the occasion.

"Each family came with their baskets loaded with the choicest and most toothsome viands. When dinner was announced a short but appropriate prayer was offered by uncle 'Tommie' Moore, senior member of the family, then each fared sumptuously until the appetite of the inner man was thoroughly gratified.

"Many appropriate songs were sung and played on organ and violins, which lent inspiration and charms to the pleasantry of the day. After the repast was over all assembled in groups of families and were photographed, that they might have something to recall the happy event. With the aged, nothing is needed as a gentle reminder, it will ever be fresh in their memories, the change that each succeeding year may bring, will be noted minutely, but with the youths whose minds are engrossed with the gayety of worldly pleasure it will ere long be effaced from their memory.

"One thing of which the family may well be proud is the purity of the character of the women, whose fine personal appearance is only exceeded by their gentleness of nature and deeds of kindness. A marked characteristic of the men is their spirit of enterprise and generosity, always loyal to their party and friends, actuated in all things by noble impulses of right."



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