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Mary Elizabeth DeBerry Genealogy

238 Mary Elizabeth DeBerry, dau. of Tom and Mary Jane Cook DeBerry, b. September 3, 1888, in Savannah, Tennessee. She m. May 21, 1905, James Phillips Hawkins, b. November 28, 1881, in Hardin County, Tennessee. They moved to Turley, Oklahoma, where they now live.


315. Pauline Hawkins, b. November 27, 1906, in Cerro Gordo, Tennessee. She moved with her parents to Turley, Oklahoma, where she m. January 11, 1931, Auram Bercutt, b. February 24, 1901, in Tarashata, Russia. They live in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where he is a merchant. They have a son, Henry, b. January 18, 1932, who m. July 17, 1954, Carol Brown, b. March 21, 1933. Henry holds an M. S. degree from Oklahoma University.

316. Kenneth Aylene Hawkins, b. September 17, 1912, in Wayne County, Tennessee. She moved with her parents to Turley, Oklahoma, where she m. November 17,1929, Yeargin T. Park, b. September 12, 1909. They live in Skiatook, Oklahoma. They have two children, Philip Arthur and Kenneth Yeargin. Phillip Arthur was b. July 12, 1934. He m. September 4, 1953, Nancy Jane Hancock, b. January 6, 1935. They have a daughter, Perilee, b. January 22, 1958, and a son, Phillip Timothy, b. August 17, 1959. Kenneth Yeargin was b. October 4, 1936. He m. August 30, 1958, Carrol Sub Hancock. They have a son, Kenneth, Jr., b. July 6, 1959. Phillip A. and Kenneth Y. are graduates of Oklahoma State University.



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