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Richard Martin Moore Genealogy

186 Richard Martin Moore, son of Tom and Elizabeth Cook Moore, b. September 22, 1839, in Wayne County, Tennessee. He m. (1) February 16, 1871, Mary Ann Montague, b. September 8, 1848. She was a granddaughter of Wilson Grimes. They lived on the old Martin Cook place, near Olive Hill, where Richard was a large and prosperous farmer. She d. August 20, 1885. He m. (2) Rachel Hudiburg. He d. February 17, 1927.

Children (By 1st wife)

206. Charlie Herbert Moore, b. November 30, 1871.

207. Minnie Catherine Moore, b. February 13, 1874. She m. (1) Sellers. They settled in Oklahoma - no other record is available.

208. Henry Neal Moore, b. December 11, 1875. He m. Annie Dixon. They had a son, Henry, Jr., who became a medical doctor and practiced in Savannah, Tennessee.

209. Jane Elizabeth Moore, b. April 3, 1877.

210. Frederick Martin Moore, b. September 19, 1881.






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