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Ancestry of Catherine Miller, wife of David Fraim

John Fred of Parish Drumlane, County Coran, Ireland, married Catherine Starkey of County Coran, at Beltusbat, Nov. 6, 1685. Their children were:

  1. Benjamin, born September 5, 1687; died 1752;

  2. Mary, born August 2, 1691; died November 27, 1740;

  3. Nicholas, born January 2, 1694;

  4. Abigail, born February 4, 1696;

  5. Rachel, born May 29, 1698;

  6. Sarah, born July 15, 1700;

  7. John, born December 20, 1703;

  8. Joseph.

From records of Carlow monthly meeting, Ireland.

John Fred and his family came to America in 1713. His certificate is dated December 25, 1712 from the Carlow Meeting, and he was received at the Concord Meeting, (Chester Co.) on May 13, 1713. He settled in Birmingham, Chester Co., where he died in March 1719. His widow died in 1723. From "Immigration of the Irish Quakers into Penn." by A. C. Myers, 1902, page 308-9.

James Miller, of Dublin, Ireland, married Catherine Lightfoot, daughter of Thomas Lightfoot and Margaret, widow of John Blunston, late of Darby. They married in Ireland and lived for some time at Timahoe Meeting, County Kildare. They arrived in Philadelphia on September 10, 1729. Catherine Lightfoot Miller died a few days later, on October 17, 1729. James Miller then settled in New Garden, and married Ruth Seaton of London Grove, on February 10, 1734. He later moved to Leacock, Twp., Lancaster Co., and died in 1749. The children of James and Catherine Lightfoot Miller were:

  1. Sarah, married Thomas Milhouse;

  2. Elizabeth, married Thomas Hiett;

  3. James, born about 1708; died 1758; married Rachel Fred, 1733.

Rachel Fred, daughter of John Fred and Catherine Starkey, was born May 29, 1698, and died December 23, 1748. She was buried on December 26 in New Garden, Penn. She married James Miller of Kennett, a son of Gayen Miller. James Miller was born in May 1696, and died in 1732. Their date of marriage was April 20, 1721. (See Kennett bite. Records. P. 274. New Garden M. M. P. 573.) Their children were:

  1. Sarah, born April 30, 1723;

  2. Deborah, born April 14, 1725;

  3. James, born October 30, 1728;

  4. Jesse, born November 30, 1730.

Rachel Fred, widow of James Miller, married a second time, in 1733, to another James Miller, son of James Miller and Catherine Lightfoot. This second marriage was against the wishes of their friends, and the marriage was not performed by Quaker ceremony. Later, they acknowledged their error and were reinstated. Their children were:

  1. Thomas, born March 28, 1734;

  2. Benjamin, born June 10, 1736;

  3. Katherine, born January 24, 1738.

Rachel Fred Miller died on December 23, 1748.



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