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Jesse Fraim Genealogy

Jesse Fraim, son of David and Catherine Fraim, married Miss Mary Leggett, and they settled in Flushing, Long Island. They continued in the Quaker faith. Their children settled around Flushing, Long Island and in Brooklyn. Mary Leggett was the daughter of Joseph and Miriam Leggett. Mary Leggett and Jesse Fraim were married on December 12, 1798. Mary Leggett was born on December 17, 1776. Jesse Fraim was born February 4, 1774. Their children were:

  1. Catherine Davis, born May 14, 1800; died June 12, 1856;

  2. Joseph Leggett, born August 28, 1802; died January 11, 1879;

  3. Phebe, born September 13, 1804; died December 24, 1805;

  4. Maria, born November 11, 1806; she married Williem L., son of Silas and Elizabeth Titus of Flushing, Long Island;

  5. Thomas L., born March 28, 1809; married Ann P., daughter of Charles and Ann Pleasants of Philadelphia;

  6. Eliza, born November 12, 1811; died July 13, 1813;

  7. Elizabeth, born May 4, 1814; married Gilbert H., son of Samuel and Margaret Pearsall of Flushing, Long Island. She had a daughter Antoinette G., and a son, Brooklyn, N. T.;

  8. Benjamin, born December 15, 1816: died February 17, 1836;

  9. William, born July 15, 1819; married Phebe, daughter of Isaac and Amy Witters of Jericho, Long Island. He had two children: Catherine D. Frame and Mary, who married Mr. Cox; she had two girls.

Mary Leggett Fraim, the mother of these nine children, died February 3, 1853 at Flushing, Long Island. This was a fine family. Joseph Leggett Fraim was "groom's man" at the marriage of his cousin RenFrame to Margaret Stewart Selby. His wife was Joanna, daughter of James and Maria Heard of New York City.

Mrs. Margaret Selby Frame was present at the funeral of Jesse Fraim, the father, at Flushing. Maria Fraim Titus says that the legend in her family was that the Fraims were Covenanters who left Scotland and settled in the north of Ireland.



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