Grimes Genealogy


Nina Elenor Grimes Genealogy

96. Nina Elenor Grimes, dau of Albert Wilson Grimes, b. September 2, 1900, in Norman, Oklahoma. She m. June 19, 1919, Wayne McKittreck in Tuttle, Oklahoma.

Children (All born in Tuttle, Oklahoma):

154. Albert Ellis McKittreck, b. October 4, 1922. He m. Jean Voo Stryker in Denver, Colorado. They have two children: Nina Jean and Bert.

155. Thelma Joyce McKittreck, b. July 4, 1926. She m. James Doyal Swift of Oklahoma City. They have no children.

156. Anna Ruth McKittreck, b. February 20, 1928. She m. Herman Miller of Oklahoma City. They have two boys: Ronnie and Rickey.

157. Augusta Lee McKittreck, b. December 2, 1929. She is not married.

158. Mary Faith McKittreck, b. May 26, 1931. She m. Raymond Brown in Oklahoma City. They have two children: Nina Jewel and Jerry Ray.

159. Robert Wayne McKittreck, b. September 16, 1932. He m. Hazel Holliday of Oklahoma City. They have a girl Waynean.

160. Glenn Earl McKittreck, b. May 17, 1934. He m. Alice Mae Cowan. They have two boys: James Dale and Herby Wayne.

161. Billy Joe McKittreck, b. November 20, 1937. He m. Earl Culp of Tuttle. They have a daughter Diana Sue.



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