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Sarah Ann Grimes Genealogy

28. Sarah Ann (Sally) Grimes, daughter of  James Eli Grimes, b. October 25, 1857, in Wayne County, Tennessee; m. October 14, 1880, James M. Barnett, b. November 28, 1857. James was a republican and was very active in Wayne County, Tennessee, politics where he served several terms as sheriff of the county. He was a son of W. R. D. Barnett and a grandson of John M. and Lovina (Poag) Barnett who came to Wayne County from Georgia and South Carolina, respectively. John M. practiced medicine and was a minister of the Christian Church. He was the first circuit court clerk of Wayne County. He was of Irish descent. James and wife were members of the Christian church. She d. December 22, 1902. He d. July 24, 1919. They are buried in the Clifton, Tennessee, cemetery.


61. Lillie Ann Barnett, b. June 23, 1881, in Wayne County, Tennessee; m. 1942, George W. Green of Tulsa, Oklahoma. They own and operate a farm near Clairmore, Oklahoma. They have no children.

62. William J. Barnett, b. January 12, 1888, in Wayne County, Tennessee; m. March 5, 1919, Eunice Ann Holland of Dyersburg, Tennessee. Like his father, William was a republican and made a career of politics. He served several terms as sheriff of Wayne County. He has a daughter Sarah Ann, b. April 22, 1927, who m. Carlton W. Estes and had two sons, William W., b. December 18, 1947, Barnett, b. July 26, 1952, and a daughter, Barbra, b. August 7, 1958.

63. Myrtle Mae Barnett, b. July 23, 1891, in Wayne County, Tennessee. She is a business woman and makes her home in Waynesboro, Tennessee. She is not married. Myrtle was very helpful to me in collecting information on the Grimes and Morris families.

Note: Record of descendants of Sarah Ann (Grimes) Barnett furnished by her daughter, Myrtle Mae.



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