Minnelay Genealogy


Minnelay Ancestry

Mynne Johannes (Minnelia) m. Rensje Feddans
Albert Minnes m. Meinsje Jans
Aeltje Minnes m. William Campbell
Mensje Campbell m. Roelof Stephens
Albert Stephens m. Grietje Van Houten
Catherine Stephens m. Daniel Hawkhurst
Frances Hawkhurst m. Elijah Horton Cronk
Emma Teresa Cronk m. George Bartlett Hoffman
Minnie Lenora Hoffman m. John Schmieg
Florence Bell Schmieg m. Stanley Spartan Tumbridge

1. Mynne Johannes (known also as Minnes Johannes Mineola-Minnelay-Minnelia) emigrated from Friesland in the Netherlands in September, 1663, with his wife, Rensje Feddans, four young children, his servant, and his wife's sister. When his wife died is not positively known, but in the list of members of the Reformed Dutch Church in Flatbush, she is listed with her husband in 1677 and the note, "Removed to Haverstraw" is against their names, and in the church records under date May 9, 1684, he, as from Haverstraw, paid twelve guilders for a middle grave, probably for his wife. The same church records his betrothal on April 1, 1689 as follows : "Minne Johannes, Minnelia, residing at Haverstraw, widower of Renssie Fedder and Magdalena Henrixe, widow of Cornelis Vock, and residing at Flackebos." He died before or in 1693, for during that year she married Agyas Van Dyck.

Mynne Johannes resided in New Lots in 1675, but in 1676, 1677 and 1679, he served as Constable in Flatbush. On January 5, 1675, he purchased at an auction the house and lot of Claes Claesen Smit in New Utrecht, which he sold December 17, 1677, to Jan Verkerk; and on February 3, 1680, he sold his farm in New Lots to William Morris.

On May 4, 1684, he petitioned for license to buy 3,000 acres behind his farm at Haverstraw, and on March 12, 1685, he was commissioned as High Sheriff of Orange County, N. Y.; March 12, 1684, he was instructed "to repair to Minnesink, to inspect the lands and ascertain what are fit for settlement." October 4, 1686, he was again commissioned as High Sheriff of Orange County, and on December 20, 1692, "Stephanus Van Cortland applied for Letters of Administration on the estate of Minne Johannes, late of Orange County."

Issue: Jannetje Minnes, Albert Minnes, Grietje Minnes, the fourth child probably being the young man who was buried in the Flatbush Church in 1669.

2. Albert Minnes or Minnelay, son of Mynne and Rensje (Feddans) Johannes, was born in the Netherlands and came to New Amsterdam with his parents in September, 1663. On March 28, 1667, he was old enough to be named in Governor Andros's patent of lands in New Lots. In July, 1681, he was given a certificate from the Flatbush Church to "Esopis." The Flatbush Church records his betrothal and marriage as follows: "Betrothed, October 18, 1684, Albert Minnes, young man, and Meinsje jans, young dame, from Vriesland, residing in New Amersfoort married in N. Amersfoort, November 9, 1684." He was appointed justice of the Peace in Tappan, April 28, 1704. (Liber A of Deeds at Goshen, N. Y., p. 45.)

Issue, probably not complete: Rensje, baptized in the Dutch Church in Brooklyn, N. Y., October 30, 1692; Aeltje, baptized in the Dutch Church in Tappan, N. Y., July 15, 1697; Albert, baptized in the Dutch Church in Cortlandtown, October 26, 1703; Antje, in same place, August 13, 1706.

3. Aeltje Minnes or Minnelay, daughter of Albert and Meinsje (Jans) Minnes, was born in Haverstraw, N. Y., and baptized in the Dutch Church in Tappan, July 15, 1697, where her marriage is recorded as taking place April 17, 1717, to William Campbell, born in the Isle of Man. He died June 7, 1760, and she August 10, 1779.

See Campbell.


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