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Hook Coat of Arms

ARMS - Quarterly, sable and argent, a cross between four escallops, all counterchanged.

CREST - An escallop, sable, between two wings expanded, argent.

MOTTO - Esto quod esse videris.

Hooke Coat of Arms


ARMS - A shield divided by a cross into four parts, the parts being colored alternately sable and, argent; that is, black and silver. The cross also quartered and colored alternately silver and black. An escallop shell in each quarter of the field colored alternately silver and black. The cross represents the old knights of St. George. The escallop shell was worn only by those holy men who took part in the crusades or presented themselves before the Shrine of St. James.

CREST - A black escallop shell between two expanded silver wings. The crest savors of the early Vikings who adorned their helmets with bird feathers and horns of animals.

MOTTO - Be what you seem to be.

The simplicity of the Hooke Arms and Crest indicates their great age. The ancient escutcheons were far more simple than modern ones; so much so, in fact, that the age of any Coat of Arms may be judged by its relative simplicity.



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