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James Hooke of Clerkenwell, England

James seems to have been a common name in this family, but from whom it descended is not clear. The Registers of St. James at Clerkenwell record the birth of James, son of James Hookes and Grace, his wife, on July 13, 1696. Other names in the same parish records were as follows

(1) Katherine, dau. of Richard Hooke, b. May 26, 1636.

(2) Richard Hooke, m. Elizabeth Shaile, Feb. 12, 1651.

(3) Henry Hooke, m. Mary Adams, Oct. 2, 1662.

(4) Stephen Hooke of Walthamstowe, Essex, was granted license to marry Thomasin Mods, July 2, 1663.

(5) John Hooke, son of Henry Hooke and wife Mary, b. Aug. 30, 1663.

(6) Mary Hook, buried Aug. 26, 1665.

(7) Elizabeth, dau. of Richard and Elizabeth Hooke, b. Mar. 11, 1696.

(8) Elizabeth. dau. of Richard Hooke, buried Jan. 10, 1697.

(9) Mary, dau. of Richard Hooke, b. Apr. 29, 1699.

James Clarke Hook, born 1819 in London, died 1907, was the son of James Hook and is probably a kin of the above family. He got his middle name from his mother who was a daughter of Dr. Adam Clarke, commentator on the Bible. James Clarke Hook was a painter of note and a full member of the Royal Academy. (See Encyclopedia Britannica.)

The Registers of Bath Abbey in Bath records names of James Hook who married Mary Bishop on May 31, 1747, and Samuel Hook who married Jane Belcher on September 20, 1795.

The Registers of Christ Church, Newgate Street, London, record a license given July 6, 1751, to James Hook, a widower, to wed Elizabeth Edis.

A license was granted James Hook of All Hallows the Great, London, age about twenty-seven, to marry Anne Terges of Clerkenwell, Middlesex, about twenty-two, on August 5, 1689.



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