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The Maholms came from Northern Ireland to Pennsylvania and settled in Lancaster County. The ancestor was James, who arrived about 1748 and settled in Little Brittain township, Lancaster County. Early records indicate that the emigrant spelled the name Melholm. On March 20, 1769, he bought 300 acres of land in Drumore Township. Lancaster County, from James Moore, in which he was called James Meholm, yeoman. He died in 1784 and his estate was appraised by his two sons James and Samuel. The name of the deceased in the appraisal papers was spelled Mulholm. The sons signed with different spellings. James spelled his name Malholam and Samuel spelled his Maleholam. On March 30, 1801, the two sons signed the Administration Account still differently. Both spelled the name Mulholam. Other records indicate still further variations such as Mulhalen, Mulhallan, Mulhallon, and Mulholm, but they referred to identical persons. The name was not spelled Maholm until after Samuel and John moved to Harrison County, Ohio, in 1805.

James Mulholm, or Meholm, who died in 1784 had several children among whom were:

(1) James Maholm. He deeded the land purchased by his father in 1769 to Christian Schenk in 1794. He was a soldier in the Pennsylvania Militia in the Revolutionary War.

(2) Samuel Maholm, b. 1759 or 1760, d. 1838. He applied for a pension in 1833, saying in his application that he was b. in Little Brittain Township, Lancaster Co., Pa., in 1759 or 1760. He also states therein that he was drafted into the service of the U. S. in Oct., 1775. He marched with his company under command of Capt. James Morrison to Philadelphia. In consequence of his older brother being in same company, he was permitted to return home after three weeks' service. In Nov., 1776, he was again drafted for two months' service. He marched again with Capt. Morrison to Philadelphia and thence to Trenton, arriving at the latter place on the day the battle there took place. Here they met the Army under command of Gen. Washington. They marched the next night (after Lord Cornwallis arrived at Trenton) to Princeton. The militia (to which Maholm belonged) were some distance in the rear of the Regular Army and did not arrive until the battle was over. He says he marched from Princeton to Morristown where Washington's Army went into winter quarters. At the end of two months he was permitted to return home.

In Sept., 1777, he was drafted again and was marched to within two or three miles of Brandywine, N. J., where he remained for two months and then discharged. He was again drafted in Sept, 1781, and marched into New Jersey where he was when news of the surrender of Lord Cornwallis reached him. He stated in his application that he moved to Harrison Co., Ohio, near Cadiz, in 18o5. He had a bro. John, who in a deposition substantiating his bro. Samuel's application, stated that he (John) was twelve or thirteen years old when his bro. Samuel was first drafted in 1775.

Samuel m. Jane about 1777 and had issue as follows, all of whom except Eleanor were mentioned in the will written Feb. 25, 1833, and probated in Harrison Co., Ohio, in 1838. Practically all of the children did well and some, as well as some of the son-in-laws, became very wealthy.

(1) Jane, b. 1778; d. 1833; m. James Wilson, b. 1777; d. 1856.
(2) Nancy, b. 1779; m. Walter B. Beebe, b. 1786; d. 1836.
(3) Mary, b. Mar. 21, 1783; d. July 26, 1853; m. William Lyle, b. Jan. 18, 1777; d. Feb. 6, 1849. (See Lyle Genealogy) She was called Polly in her father's will, also in her own, but she signed the latter Mary Lyle.
(4) Elizabeth, m James McNutt; d. 1855. Of issue: Arthur, b. 1821; d. 1895. Family resided near Cadiz, Ohio.
(5) Margaret, b. 1790; d. 1858.
(6) James, b. 1794; d. 1859; m. Axie, b. 1810; d. 1871.
(7) John, b. 1795; d. 1854.
(8) Hannah, m. Phillips.
(9) Dorcas, m. John Bleaks.
(10) Eleanor.
(11) Samuel.
(12) Sarah, b. 1803; d. 1848, unm.
(13) Ann, m. Gleason.

(3) John Maholm, b. 1762-3. Moved in 1805 to Harrison Co., Ohio, near Cadiz.

(4) Hugh Maholm (probably), Will probated in Jefferson Co., Ohio, 1822. Wife, Martha, Nephew, James Carson, Bro.-in-law, Thomas Johnson.

(5) Joseph Maholm (probably), Will probated in Jefferson Co., Ohio, 1826. Children mentioned in will:

(1) Elizabeth M. Talbot;
(2) John;
(3) William;
(4) Hugh;
(5) Thomas;
(6) Joseph;
(7) Margaret M. Johnson.



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