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Mary Davis Hook Genealogy

Mary Davis Hook (daughter of Daniel and Sarah Burgess Hook and granddaughter of James Hook), b. 1793 d. before 1836; m. 1816; confirmed Apr. 13, 1919; Patrick McGill, Jr., b. Oct. 12, 1790. Marriage was confirmed because events occurred after the first marriage that led the parishioners to believe that the pastor of St. Mark's Episcopal Church who m. them in 1816 was an impostor. Patrick McGill was the grandson of John McGill, and great grandson of the Rev. James McGill who came to Maryland in an early day and was Rector of Christ Church in what is now Howard County, Md., for many years.

Children of Mary Davis Hook and her husband Patrick McGill, Jr.:

(1) Edward West McGill, m. Mary White.

(2) Sarah Eleanor McGill, b. Apr. 23, 1818; d. July 1, 1903; m. John Lloyd Belt, b. Feb. 20, 1819; d. Jan. 25, 1889. They owned Potomac Hills until about 1904 when it became the property of Mr. Hine. Mr. Belt's grandmother was Anna Campbell, a direct descendant of one of the Dukes of Argyle. Issue, nine, as follows

(1) Mary Charlotte Belt, m. B. D. Chambers; of issue, B. D. Chambers, Jr., who is rector at Millwood and Boyce, Va.

(2) Alfred McGill Belt, m. Ariana T. Trail. Both deceased. Was a physician in Baltimore, Md.

(3) John Lloyd Belt, d. when 23, unm.

(4) Ellen Campbell Belt, m, John H. Reich. Both deceased. (5) America McGill Belt, m. Thomas A. McIlvaine of Delaware.

(6) Annie Oliver Belt, m. L. A. White.

(7) Sarah Virginia Belt, bachelor maid. She is a member of D. A. R

(8) McGill Belt, m. Anne R Barnard. He has been a member of Maryland House of Delegates.

(9) Julia Belt, bachelor maid. She is a member and historian D. A. R., President of Dickerson Round Table, President Woman's Auxiliary and President Christ Church Guild and organist of same church. She is also a member of the United Daughters of the Confederacy and Past Secretary and Treasurer. Living Rock Hall, Dickerson, Md.

(10) Oliver Belt, killed by accident. Lived, Washington, D. C.

(3) America Hook McGill, m. T. Johnson. No issue.

(4) Eleanora Arabella McGill, m. P. M. West. Issue: Mary Hook West, m. William Schnauffer, and Dr. Levin West, who m. Elizabeth Hedges; no issue. Both children living at Brunswick, Md.

(5) Oliver McGill-never married.

(6) Anne Matilda McGill-never married.

(7) Mary Davis Hook McGill-never married.



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