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17. DANIEL LAMBERT was born Dec. 7, 1686. He married May 6, 1708, Margaret, born Nov. 22, 1687, daughter of Benjamin and Sarah Horne or Orne of Salem, who died before 1735, probably before Feb. 2, 1733/4. After the death of his wife he removed to Newport, R. I., whence he conveyed his wife's interest in the estate of Benjamin Orne, late of Salem, taylor, " which belonged to Margaret my wife," to his daughter Sarah, wife of John Mathews of Boston. Sarah Orne, the widow,. and her children, including Margaret Lambert, deeded, Feb. 7, 1721/2, a common right in Salem, " accrued to us by virtue of the dwelling houfe that was formerly Longstaff," and Daniel Lambert and Margaret his wife, Dec. 22, 1712, conveyed their house and land to Sarah Orne, widow, for 30, with Daniel's personal estate.

In Salem Notarial Records, under date of Jan. 28, 1713/14, is found the following " Protest, Whereas by a charterparty dated Nov. 26, 1713, between Edward Cox of Salem and Daniel Lambert of Salem, ship carpenter, on the one part, and Richard Oakes of Salem, merchant, whereby the said Cox and Lambert agree to build a shallop for the said Oakes under condition that he furnish the planks which he failed to do."

Child, born in Salem:

42. SARAH, b. May, 1714, for " Ebenezer Felton testified his wife was present at ye birth of Sarah, May, 1714, and died in 1714." " Deposition of Benja Orne of Salem, aged 41 years, saith that Sarah ye Daughter of his late Sister Margaret Lambert is now more than 21 years of age. August 19, 1735.-Essex Deeds, vol. 68, p. 187.

Another record for this child exists later in life: married, in Boston, Dec. 6, 1733, to John, born June 6, 1713, in Boston, son of John and Sarah Matthews. No children are recorded in Boston.

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