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13. EBENEZER LAMBERT, born April 2,1674; married before 1696, Mary, baptized Aug. 24, 1701, First Church, daughter of Joseph Hardy, jr., of Salem. He was a shipwright, and in 1705 he bought of James Rix a house and wharf. He died before Apr. 5, 1728, and his administrator conveyed 2/3 of this purchase to Samuel Swasey. The other third was the widow's dower and was conveyed by the administrator to the widow Annie Swasey of Salem, July 21, 1742, the widow Lambert probably being dead. Ebenezer had conveyed this Rix property for 100 to Joseph Hardy of Salem, shipwright, Mar. 5, 1706, and Hardy, being then of Boston, for the same consideration, reconveyed it to Ebenezer, June 29, 1713, and in each case there was also a small plot that had been bought of Thomas Ruck.

The heirs of Joseph Hardy, jr., including Ebenezer Lambert and his wife, conveyed May 27, 1706, for 10, to John Higginson, jr., land on the north side of the Merrimack river, near Haverhill, 240 acres which Hardy had bought of Jeremiah Belcher of Ipswich, in 1680.

Ebenezer sold to Benjamin Marston of Salem, on Dec. 29, 1712, the sloop Betty, about 80 tons, and her appurtenances, for 240, and Marston sold her to Benjamin Woodbridge for 1000, which was a very pretty stroke of business for Woodbridge.

Ebenezer mortgaged his house for 25:10, to Samuel Browne of Salem, Dec. 27, 1715, and bought of John Ruck of Salem, blacksmith, a small lot adjoining his own, Dec. 9, 1717, for which he paid 34, and which he sold the next day to Samuel Swasey of Salem, shipwright, for 20, which would not seem to have been a profitable transaction.

Swasey bought, July 24, 1729, of Samuel Lambert; shoreman, and Daniel Bacon of Salem, shipwright, administrators of Ebenezer's estate, his house and land and the wharf adjoining for seventy pounds, reserving for the widow a part of the house.

The inventory of his estate was presented by the administrators, Apr. 5, 1728, and division was made July 12, 1729, the estate being insolvent. (Daniel Bacon, one of the administrators, had married as her second husband, Sarah, the sister of Ebenezer Lambert.) Children, baptized in First Church, Salem:

32. MARGARET, b. July 26, 1696.
33. MARY, bapt. Aug. 24, 1701; d. young.
34. MARY, b. Mar. 26, 1702/3.
35. EUNICE, born Apr. 3, 1706, and married June 9, 1733/4, William Steward, whose parents have not been found. Child:
            EUNICE, bapt. Nov. 17, 1734.
36. BENJAMIN, bapt. July 3, 1709.
37. SARAH, baptized in Salem, June 24, 1711, was probably the Sarah who married John Ewell in Boston, Sept. 10, 1733. A son John was born July 19, 1734.
38. SEETH, baptized in Salem, Sept.6, 1713, would seem to have been married Oct. 21, 1736, in Boston, to George Ingraham, but there is also a record of an intention Jan. 4, 1737, to Joseph Beith, and the marriage, at King's Chapel, Feb. 19, 1737, of a Seeth Lambert to Joseph Beith or Bathe. No children are recorded, and it cannot be determined about the two marriages.
39. EZEKIEL, bapt. June 9, 1717.
40. EBENEZER, bapt. June 9, 1717.
41. JEHOADEN, baptized Oct. 25,1719, was married, in Boston, Dec. 30, 1736, to Joseph Mountfort. He was probably the son of John and Mary (Cock)Mountfort, born April 12, 1713, in Boston. No children are recorded in Boston.

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