Lambert Genealogy


John Lambert of Lynn, Massachusetts

In the Records of the Quarterly Courts of Essex County the earliest references to the name of Lambert, Dec. 27, 1642, with others later, refer, apparently or directly, to Michael Lambert or his wife, but in September, 1653, there appears a John Lambert.-,, ye acco of Theophilus Bagley & Jno Lamberte there severall voyages with ye Companyes Boate to Boston, Waymouth, Brantreye & Hingham, 28 li." in a list of accounts concerning the Iron Works at Hammersmith (Hammersmith was a part of Lynn).

Several suits appear:-" November, 1654, John Hathorne assignee to John Lambarte v. John Breks & Company and Mr John Gefford, &c. Debt." (Jefford or Gefford was connected with the Iron Works.) June, 1655, " Joseph Armytage (of Lynn) v. John Lambert ". Concerning a shallop. Nonsuited. " John Lambett owed the estate of Joshua Foote of Boston & Braintree in 1655 ". N. E. H. J' G. Register, vol. 9, p. 137.)

What connection, if any, there was between Michael and John and Richard of Lynn, and John of Salem, and between them all with Francis of Rowley, it has been impossible to find. Savage says, " John Lambert, Lynn, a fisherman, a. 1644, Salem, 1663, at Lynn again till d. Oct. 28, 1676." This death appears in the town records of Lynn, and it is the opinion of the writer that Savage erred in connecting him with Salem, since, from the will of John of Salem, it is evident that he died in November, 1684, between the 14th, when it was dated, and the 25th, when the inventory was presented.



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