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Martha Smith Genealogy

Martha Smith, daughter of Roswell Smith, son of Steel Smith, of Windsor, Vt. Born at East Middlebury, Vt., 1829. Married about 1848-9, at East Middlebury, Vt. Died Oct. 27, 1884, at Ranger, Texas. Married Sylvester S. Stebbins, probably at Rushford, Minn. (?).


Hattie S. Stebbins, born at Tay-che-dah, Wisconsin, May 9, 1850 (?). Married Adelbert E. Peer, at Rushford, Minn., Nov. 8, 1869. He died February 15, 1915, at Mansfield, Ark. She resides at Mansfield, Ark., 1919.


Walter B. Peer, born Oct. 8, 1872, at Cooper, Michigan. Died Sept. 5, 1905, probably at Little Rock, Ark. Married Lizzie, date and place unknown. (She remarried 1908.)


Cleo Peer, died May, 1907. Mother resided at Mansfield, Ark., 1918.

B. Frank Stebbins, son of Martha (Smith) Stebbins, born Nov. 15, 1854, at La Crosse, Wis. Married Eunice A. Batliff, Bilton, Texas, Nov. 14, 1880. Residence, Mullin, Texas, 1915.


Lillian Lora Stebbins, born Oct. 14, 1883, at Palo Pinto, Texas. Married Blake W. Forehand, Jan. 6, 1907, at Mullin, Texas. Residence, Mullin, Texas, 1915.


Roger L. Forehand, born at Mullin, Texas, Oct. 7. 1907. Residence, with parents.

Lence M. Forehand, born Oct. 14, 1910, at Mullin, Texas. Residence, with parents.

Rosa L. Forehand, born Apr. 8, 1912, Mullin, Texas. Residence, with parents.

Verna E. Stebbins, born May 6, 1886. Married J. A. Williams Oct. 11, 1893, at Mullin, Texas.


Sally D. Williams.

Carlton E. Williams. Residence, Mullin, Texas, 1920.

Maggie D. Stebbins, born Jan. 4, 1888. Married Thomas E. Williams Apr. 17, 1904, at Mullin, Texas. Residence, Mullin, Texas, 1920.


Gwendoline Williams.

Frank L. Williams.

Hermon C. Williams.

Kenneth R. Williams.

Geraldine A. Williams.

Dee Stebbins, daughter of Martha Smith Stebbins, born at Rushford, Minn., 1867. Married T. R. East, in 1887, and place unknown. Residence, Greenville, Texas, 1919.


Thomas H. East, born about 1894, at Greenville, Texas. Married Mae Belle Payne, Sept. 19, 1913, at Greenville, Texas.

Mamie East, born about 1898. Residence, Greenville, Texas, 1918.

Ruby East, born about 1900. Residence, Greenville, Texas, 1918.

Sally Bess East, born about 1904. Residence, Greenville, Texas, 1918.

Carrie E. Stebbins, daughter of Martha (Smith) Stebbins, born, date and place unknown. Married M. H. Ingerson, date and place unknown. Residing with her husband in Los Angeles, Cal., in 1916. Children (if any) unknown.

Harry H. Stebbins, son of Martha (Smith) Stebbins, born Feb. 15, 1874, at St. Paul, Minn. (Member Co. "L" 1st U. S. Art., at Barrancas, Fla., in 1891.) Married Annie B. Childers Nov. 15, 1885, at Mullin, Texas. Residence, Mullin, Texas. 1916. No children.

Walter E. Stebbins. Drowned July 26, 1874, at Rushford, Minn.



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