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Roswell Smith Genealogy

Son of Steel Smith, came with his father, from Farmington, Conn., to Windsor, Vt., in 1765. Married Sarah Nash, of Stutesbury, Mass., at Cornish, N. H., May 9, 1776. She died at Williamstown, Vt., July 2, 1818 (Cemetery Record). Married 2d Lucy (?) likely at Randolph, Vt., who was his widow in 1836 (as per U. S. Pension Record). He was a Revolutionary soldier, and was pensioned in 1835 (Certificate No. 26007). He died Nov. 14, 1835, in Orange Co., Vt., per Pension Record, likely at Randolph. His accrued Pension was paid to Lucy, his widow, through Mr. Hebbard, Attorney, of Randolph, Vt., Mch. 5, 1836.

NOTE: The Record of his death and that he left a widow, Lucy, has been recently obtained from the U. S. Treasury Department. There is no other known record of his death, nor of his marriage to Lucy ( ?) nor of her death.

Children of Windsor, Vt., 1765 to 1812, and his wife, Sarah (Nash) Smith:

1. Louis Smith, born Mch. 14, 1778; died June 1, 1782.

2. Steel Smith, Jr., born May 11, 1779;

3. Roswell Smith, 2d, born June 2, 1781, Windsor. Vt. Died Nov. 15, 1835, in Orange Co., Vt.;

4. Lewis Smith, born August 20, 1783; died at Barre Vt., Mch. 27, 1805, presumably unmarried;

5. Sarah Smith, born June 15, 1785; died at Windsor, Vt., Oct. 18, 1785;

6. Sally Smith, born July 6, 1787. Moretown, Vt., Records show her a witness to a Deed of Land from her father, Roswell Smith, Sr. to his sons, Steel Smith and Roswell Smith, 2d, her brothers, July 7, 1803.;

(All of the above born at Windsor, Vt.)

7. Mary-Polly C. Smith, born Mch. 17, 1789, at Susquehannah River, N. Y. Married 1st (as Mary C.) ? Peck; Married 2d Ezra Barnes, at Barre, Vt., in 1858 (Barre, Vt., Record). No children known. NOTE: Apr. 14, 1804, she was a witness to a deed recorded at Moretown, Vt., of land from Abner Child, to Steel Smith and Roswell Smith, Jr.

8. Ruby Smith, born Jan. 4, 1791, at Susquehannah River, N. Y.; died at Windsor, Vt., Oct. 15, 1792;

9. Experience Kellogg Smith, born Aug. 9, 1793, Windsor, Vt.;

10. Dennis Smith, born 1806, Moretown, Vt.; died in 1825.

In his application for Pension Aug. 17, 1832, he states his age then 77 years. In supplemental affidavit Nov. 11, 1833, he states his age as 79 years. At his death he was presumably 81 years old. He was an itinerant Baptist Preacher, and resided in numerous places. The Census of 1790 gives him as of Chenning, N. Y. Census of 1800 as of Windsor, Vt. Census of 1320 gives him as of Williamstown. Vt. In 1800 to 1300 he was Town Clerk of Moretown, Vt. About 1806-7 he went to Barnston. Canada; resided in Stanstead, Quebec Province, also. In 1808 a Deed was executed at Derby. Vt., of land in Windsor Co., Vt. Residence then given as of Barnston, Canada.

NOTE: This Record of the Family of Roswell Smith, Sr., is from the Moretown, Vt., Record. Book 1. Page 2, made by himself, when Town Clerk there from 1800 to 1806. It is in his own handwriting, as has been certified by the present Town Clerk, Mrs. L. B. Haylett. He was an itinerant Baptist Preacher, and had residence in many places, but principally in Windsor, Williamstown, Randolph and Braintree, Vermont; also in Stanstead and Barnston, Canada.



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