Hook Genealogy


The Hook Family Of Norwich, England

There was one family in England that seems to have dropped the final "e" from its name at an early date. It undoubtedly originated in London and was probably a branch of the old Norman family. It is worth claiming as such since many of its descendants became distinguished above all others.

John Hook, minister of Norwich Tabernacle. He had a son, James Hook, b. 1746, in Norwich; died 1826, in Boulogne, France. He married Miss Madden, who died 1795. He was organist at St. John's at Horsleydown and a composer of note. He composed more than 2,000 songs, among which was "Within a Mile o' Edinboro Town." He had two sons as follows

(1) James Hook, b. 1772, in London; d. 1828. Took Holy Orders, 1796, at request of his mother. While at Westminster he edited "The Trifler." M. 1797, Anne, dau. of Sir Walter Farquhar, bait. Was Dean of Worcester and is buried in Cathedral there. Of issue: Walter Farquhar Hook, b. in London 1798; d. 1875; m. 1825, Anne Delicia, dau. of John Johnstone, a physician of Birmingham. A distinguished writer. (See biog. by Leslie Stephens.) Of issue: Walter Hook.

(2) Theodore Edward Hook, b. 1788; d. 1841. Novelist and wit. Edited "John Bull" after its establishment in 1820. (See biography by Barnham.)

NOTE - This family was distinguished in letters and the arts. See Vol. 27 of The Dictionary of National Biography by Sidney Lee and Leslie Stephens; (1890).



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