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6. DANIEL LAMBERT, born Oct. 3, 1658, was also a shipwright, and there was an unidentified Daniel of Sweet's Cove, Salem, engaged in the same trade about 1663. He bought a lot of Jonathan Neale of Salem, cordwinder, for 10:15, and built a house upon it, in 1682, and in 1686 he had also bought a wharf, when he bought more land adjoining from John Ruck. In 1691 he bought a small plot of Samuel Woodwell of Salem, glover, and the next year still more of John Ruck, adjoining his own land, 41 next ye King's High Way." That same year be and William Smith, tailor, exchanged houses, the exchange whereof one with the other will be Accomodable & Advantagious to them in there respective Occupations." Dec. 31, 1692, he sold to Capt. John Legg, Mr. William Hirstt, Mr. John Turner and Stephen Sewall, one-fourth part " in ye Hull or body of ye Barke Olliuebranch with all her Masts yards boat and Carpenter worke." The next year he bought more land of John Ruck and also sold some adjoining his own to James Rig.

He married, first, June 5, 1682, Mary, born Apr. 3, 1661, daughter of Robert and Elizabeth Graye of Salem and later of Andover; she died before 1693, and he married, second, Elizabeth Crouder (Croade), widow of Edmund Bridges, who survived him, as administration on his estate was granted her Dec. 22, 1695. She was still a widow in 1710, and was living as late as 1724.

The inventory of his estate, Nov. 4, 1695, includes "putting the child out to nurse, Daniel Lambert's schooling, keeping four children and Samuel Lambert's schooling, and the net real and personal estate was 187:16:17. The division was made, 1/3 to the widow for life and to revert to the children, Daniel, eldest son, Samuel, Joseph, Mary, Elizabeth, Rachel and Abiah. Samuel was to make certain payments and was awarded the house and homestead in Salem. Ebenezer Lambert was made guardian of the son Daniel: John Lambert, sr., of the son Samuel,, and Mary and Rachel were placed under guardianship of Thomas Waller of Charlestown.

In 1710, Daniel, the eldest son, " purchased by the act of Redemption ", for 81:10, the house and homestead of his father from Samuel Swasey of Salem and sold it to him by the same instrument. One of the bounds was the highway to Marblehead, and the widow Elizabeth sold Swasey her rights and those of her daughter Abiah. Thee daughters Mary and Elizabeth had conveyed their own rights to Swasey the previous year and were then unmarried and living in Boston.

Elizabeth, the widow, married (intention) June 6,. 1713, Moses Gilman of Exeter, N. H., yeoman, and they sold land in Salem, on the main street, to Joseph Neale of Salem, cordwainer, Sept. 26, 1724.

Children, born in Salem*

15. MARY, b. Feb. 20, 1683.
16. ELIZABETH, b. Apr. 9, 1684.
17. DANIEL, b. Dec. 7, 1686.
18. SAMUEL, b. Feb. 5,1688; d. young.
19. SAMUEL, born Apr. 7, 1689, in Salem. He was only six years old when his father died, and was under the guardianship of his uncle, John Lambert, sr. There is nothing to indicate that he was married and there is little on record about him. He was a weaver by trade, one of the few in the family who did not follow the sea. May 1, 1710, he sold to Samuel Swasey of Salem, shipwright, his share in his father's land, which was then in possession of the widow, for 8:12, and Apr. 22, 1722, he bought, for 3, a small ,gusset" of land in Salem of Edward Fuller, husbandman and blacksmith, of Salem. He died in 1742, and administration on his estate was granted to Joseph and Jonathan Lambert, May 20 of that year.
20. PRESERVED, b. Apr. 21, 1691; d. Sept. 24, 1698.
21. JOSEPH, bapt. Apr. 12, 1692.
22. RACHEL, bapt. Sept., 1694.

Child, by second wife:

23. ABIAH.

*In the files of the Supreme Judicial Court for Suffolk County appears the following:

Boston, Sept. 6, 1720
Cornall John Appleton Sir I would Desior you for to Imponer Mr Samuell Swasey so as to get the Estate that Is Left for me at Salem which was my mother Diary Lambert which was left for me the orphan Jonathan Lambert and In so doing you will oblidge me your humble Servant

Jonathan Lambert

Nathaniel Ayres
Nathaniel Ayres Junr

The above would seem to indicate a son Jonathan; but as he does not appear among the heirs to whom the estate was distributed it cannot be definitely stated.

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