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Family of John Preble of Machias

John Preble; b. Machias, Me., about 1771; d. New Gloucester, Me., July 13, 1841. He married first Sarah Collins, daughter of Ebenezer Collins, of New Gloucester, Me., June 16, 1794; she died 1797. His second wife was Esther Collins, sister of Sarah Collins (b. 1773), m. December 27, 1798; she died February 5, 1835, at New Gloucester, Me. Presumably all of the children were born at New Gloucester.

Children of John Preble by Sarah Collins:

  • John Preble; b. Sept. 9, 1796; m. Sally Lawry; d. Aug. 11, 1840.

  • Sarah Preble; d. an infant.

Children of John Preble by Esther Collins:

  • Sarah Preble; b. Aug. 9, 1799; m. Israel True McIntire, Nov. 26, 1841; had no children; d. New Gloucester, Me., May 27, 1876. She was the "Aunt Sally" famous in the family for her skill in pie-making.

  • Betsey Preble; b. at New Gloucester June 3, 1801; m. June 5, 1831, Moses Eveleth (who was born at New Gloucester 1790 and died there Sept. 13, 1849); she died, Brockton, Mass., Aug. 11, 1886, buried in the Preble family lot at New Gloucester, Me.; had three children.

  • Ebenezer Preble; b. 1803; m. Fanny Getchell; d. Jan. 23, 1838; had three children.

  • Rebecca Preble; b. Jan. 18, 1805; m. William Stinchfield, Dec. 6, 1832; d. Dec. 13, 1858; had three children.

  • Edward Preble; b. Oct. 5, 1807; m. Sarah Platt; d. Jan. 3, 1838; left no children.

  • Charles Preble; b. July 12, 1809; m. Sophronia Merrill, Sept. 21, 1835; d. Feb. 10, 1882; had two children.

  • Abigail F. Preble; b. Dec. 9, 1811; d. April 3, 1837; unmarried.

  • Samuel L. Preble; b. Dec. 12, 1814; m. Susan Rowe; died Oct. 4, 1869, by drowning near Glen House, White Mountains, N. H.; had two children.

  • Nathaniel Coit Allen Preble, b. at New Goucester Aug. 4, 1816; m. Aug. 28, 1841, Sarah Bartlett Eveleth, his second cousin, who was b. at New Gloucester, May 29, 1817. He died at Somerville, Jan. 2, 1875, and she died at Somerville, Jan. 18, 1876; had eight children. She was the daughter of Perkins Eveleth and Lydia Collins True. Her maternal grandmother was (???)Collins, sister of Sarah and Esther Collins, who were married to John Preble of Machias.



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