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Capt. Samuel Ruggles Genealogy

Capt. Samuel5 Ruggles (Thomas4) was born in Nasing, England, in 1629. He came to Roxbury 1637, with his parents, Thomas and Mary, and sister Sarah, their brother John having come two years before in the " Hopewell " with Philip Elliot. Samuel was 8 and Sarah 10 years of age at this time. He married seventeen years after his coming here, and after twenty-five years of married life died Aug. 15, 1692, aged 63. He married 1st.--- "Samuel Ruggles and Hannah Fowle joyne in marriage before me, Increase Nowell, the 10th, 11 mo., 1654." This was recorded in Cambridge, which in these and all other records, was closely associated with Charlestown. Hannah Fowle was the only daughter of George Fowle, an emigrant settler in Charlestown. Hannah, his first wife, died 24 Oct., 1669, having had eight children.

Capt. Samuel married 2d, May 26, 1670, Anna Bright, whose sister, Beriah, married Isaac, the brother of Hannah Fowle. Anna was "probably" daughter of Deacon Henry Bright, of Watertown, who came to Charlestown, 1630:- was "son of Henry Bright, of Bury St., Edmunds, England." She died 5th Sept., 1711, aged 67.

The children by 1st wife, Hannah Fowle, were:

  1. HANNAH, b. Jan. 21, 1655, d. in inf.
  2. MARY, b. Jan. to, 1656, d. in inf.
  3. SAMUEL.
  4. JOSEPH, b. Feb. 12, 166o, d. in inf.
  5. HANNAH, b. Dec. 1I, 1661, d. in inf..
  6. SARAH, b. Nov. 15, 1663, d. in inf.
  7. MARY.
  8. SARAH, b. Aug. 30, 1669, d. y.

    The children by 2d wife, Anna Bright, were: -
  9. THOMAS, born March 10, 1671. He married 1st, 1698, Sarah Fisk, daughter of Rev. Moses of Braintree, and granddaughter of Rev. John Fisk of Wenham. He married 2d June 1, 1708, Mary Hubbard of Boston, He was a graduate from Harvard college, and in 1695 was ordained as pastor of the church in Guilford, .where he died June 1, 1728. He was succeeded by his. eldest son Rev. Thomas March 26, 1729.
  10. ANNA, born Sept. 30,1672, married about 1693, William3 Heath, son of Peleg2, and grandson of William1 Heath, who came to Roxbury from England in 1632, and "Joined to the church." He was the brother of Elder Isaac, "so active in the church with Eliot, and with Eliot and Gook-in among the Indians." Wm.3 Heath married 1st, Hannah Weld about 1685; had two sons and three daughters. He had two sons and two daughters by Anna, the second wife. The first of the sons of the latter was Samuel4 Heath, born 27 Sept., 1701, who married in 1733, Elizabeth Payson, of one of the Nasing, Eng., families. Of the children of the latter marriage was William3 Heath, born March 2, 1736, who became the well-known Major-General Wm. Heath of Washington's army, - was the grandson of Anna.
    Anna was included in a list of her brothers and sisters, heirs of Samuel5 Ruggles, of date 21 July, 1712, in the process of the settlement of her father's estate,-they sold to their brother, Samuel6 Ruggles, who was administrator;-"Thomas Ruggles of Guilford Conn. clerk & Mary his wife, Samuel Hill & Huldah his wife, of Guilford, Isaac Morris & Mary his wife William Heath & Anna his wife James Bailey & Elizabeth his wife all of Roxbury Co. of Suffolk, children and heirs of Capt. Samuel Ruggles late of Roxbury, deceased, sell to their brother Samuel Ruggles, &c.-July 24, 1712.
  11. NATHANIEL, b. Nov. 22, 1674, d. y.
  13. HENRY, b. July 7, 1681; d. u. Dec. 9, 1702.
  14. HULDAH, b. July 4, 1634; m. Samuel Hill.

Samuel5 Ruggles was a prosperous man, was an inn-keeper, with other business. Was active in town matters, and in the colony matters, in some critical situations. He was the captain of the Roxbury military company, which at this period was strong and important. He died in Roxbury Aug. 15, 1692, aged 63.



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