Ruggles Genealogy


John Ruggles Genealogy

Johns Ruggles (John7, John6, John5, Thomas4), born Feb. 21, 1705, became known as Captain John Ruggles, who commanded a company from Roxbury in the Louisburg Expedition, 1745. He married Jan. 20, 1741, Katherine, daughter of Stephen and Mary (Capen) Williams. She was niece, by marriage, of Deacon-Edward r Ruggles, by his second wife, widow Abigail (Davis) Williams. The children of Captain John and Katherine were:

  1. John, married Mary Wadsworth;
  2. Katherine married Soper;
  3. Elizabeth married Slack;
  4. Martha married Phipps;
  5. Mary married Weld;
  6. Sarah married Parker. After the death of the father ???? Parker bought the shares of the other heirs of the property.

Widow Katherine married 2d. Tucker.














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