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Nehemiah Andrews Genealogy

Nehemiah Andrews (Samuel3Thomas2, William1), born May 18, 1722. Married Oct. 31, 1745, to Hannah Borden, who was born March 31, 1723, and died at Stockbridge, Mass., Jan. 20, 1803. Nehemiah died at Stockbridge Feb. 3, 1800.

Nehemiah removed to Hartland, Conn., about 1760, where he built a hotel which he kept many years. He sold out in 1797 and moved to Stockbridge, Mass., where one of his sons was located. He died there Feb. 3, 1800, and his wife Hannah Borden died Jan. 20, 1803. Both were buried at Stockbridge.

The records show that one Nehemiah Andrus, name not found as Andrews, whose rank is not stated, served as a member of Capt. Benjamin Hutchins Co., 18th regiment Conn. militia, commanded by Jonathan Pettibone, Esq., Revolutionary War. This name appears on an unidentified pay abstract, which shows that he arrived at New York Aug. 18, 1776, and that he was discharged Sept. 25, 1776, and that he served one month and 21 days, including 7 days marching down and 6 days returning home. Signed, T. Winsworth, The Adjutant General.

War Department, Washington, D. C., Oct. 20, 1908.


  1. Richard Andrews.

  2. Nehemiah Andrews, born June 29, 1750. Married March 14, 1771, to Hepzabah Bowling at Hartland, Conn. Adm. to church March 17, 1776. Later moved to Ohio. No further record.

  3. Asel Andrews.

  4. Mahitable Andrews, born Sept. 14, 1746. Bapt. at Middletown, Conn., June 21, 1747. Was still living Dec. 3, 1800, as wife of Gamaliel Wilder.

  5. Ambrose Andrews, born-, Bapt. Aug. 3, 1757. Died young. 233 Eli Andrews, born Feb. 21, 1753. Married Abigail Hutchins Jan. 8, 1776.

  6. Wells Andrews, born Adm. to church at Hartland with his wife Sept. 2, 1792.

  7. Asa Andrews.

  8. Rebecca Andrews, born at East Haddam or Hartland, Conn., 1766. Married March 14, 1782, at Hartland, Conn., to Thomas Bushnell. She died Jan. 12, 1842, at Hartford, Ohio. They had the following children:

    1. Gen. Andrew Bushnell.

      1. David E. Bushnell, son of Gen. Andrew Bushnell. Died in Europe. Probably killed there.

    2. Rebecca Bushnell. Married Col. Horace Flower.

    3. Jerusha Bushnell. Married Linas Hayes.

    4. Hannah Bushnell. Married Col. Asa Hutchins. They were the parents of Wells Andrews Hutchins.

    5. Lorena Bushnell. Married Dr. Collins Wilcox.

    6. Thomas Bushnell, Jr.

    7. Amanda Bushnell. Married Samuel Corning.

    8. Eli Bushnell. Lived and died at Hartford, Ohio.

  9. Samuel Andrews, born Jan. 18, 1755. Married Ruth Hutchins Jan. 25, 1775. Was still living 1800, East Hartland.



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