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Asa Andrews Genealogy

Asa Andrews (Nehemiah4, Samuel3Thomas2, William1), born Oct. 25, 1756, at East Haddam. Died Feb. 25, 1813, at Hartford, Ohio. Moved from Hartland to Ohio 1804 with his six sons and also Thomas Bushnell, who had married his sister Rebecca. Asa Andrews married at Hartland Nov. 27, 1783, Lucy Ackley who was born March 1, 1763, at East Haddam, and who died at Hartford, Ohio, Sept. 11, 1828, age 65. She was daughter of Joel and Lois Ackley, and was bapt. at 2nd church at East Haddam Oct. 17, 1767.

Asa removed from Hartland to Hartford, Ohio, in 1804, with his six sons, also Thomas Bushnell, who had married his sister, Rebecca. Andrews. Asa Andrews purchased 1000 acres of land in Hartford township, and settled on Lot 47, where John McFarland lived in 1882.

Asa Andrews, Jesse Gates-and others, Hartland, Conn., Jan. 26, 1776. This is to certify, that the above named persons was in actual services in the year A. D. 1776. (Although this return is made to be for the year 1776 it seems probable that the date is in error of the writer for 1775).

Connecticut State Library. Revolution. 6-9. Returns made to the state authorities, from different towns, signed by the selectmen of the town, who had been employed in the Continental services in 1775, and gives name of persons resident of that town, from which it is sent, and who, under the law passed in Dec. of that year, were exempt from payment of certain taxes to the state. Hartland-Asa Andrews and others.

Asa Andrews. Revolutionary War. Private. Capt. John Barnard, 8th Co., 3d Conn. Regt. Commanded by Capt. Samuel Wylie. Enlisted Jan. 25, 1777, for the war. Promoted to Sargeant July 10, 1777. To Quartermaster Sargeant Sept. 1, 1780. Last appears on muster roll Nov. and Dec., 1780. Transferred to the Colonel's Co., same Regt., Oct. 1, 1780. Record dated. Headquarters, near Dobb's Ferry July 19, 1781. Shows that Asa Andrews, Sargeant 1st Conn. Regt. was appointed to do duty of Provost Marshall until further orders. Signed,

C. H. Bridges, Major General.
The Adj. General.


  1. Chester Andrews.

  2. (Rev.) Wells Andrews.

  3. Sherman Andrews.

  4. Schuyler Andrews.

  5. Asa Andrews, Jr., born at Hartland, Conn., June 11, 1792. Was in War of 1812, 3d Reg., 3d Brigade, 4th Div. Died Sept. 2, 1821, at Valesburg, Va.

  6. Nelson Andrews, born at Hartland, Conn., March 2, 1799. Married at Hartford, Ohio, Harriet Banning, who was born Nov. 29, 1801, in Conn. Moved to Ill. and lived at Pilot Grove, El., 1836.

  7. Lucy Fidelia Andrews, born at Hartland, Conn., Jan. 16, 1804. Died April 4, 1805, at Hartford, Ohio. Was first person to be buried In the old cemetery at Hartford Center.



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