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Colonel John Bayard, son of James Bayard and Mary Asheton, a most distinguished soldier and citizen, was born in the Great House, Bohemia Manor, Aug. 11, 1738; died Jan. 7, 1807, in 69th year of his age. He was the oldest son of James Bayard and Mary Asheton. He married first, Margaret Hodge, daughter of Andrew Hodge, of Philadelphia, Pa. She died April 13, 1780. He married second, May 5, 1781, Mary, widow of John Hodgson, of South Carolina, and daughter of Mrs. Mary Grant, whose maiden name was Antrobus. Mrs. Bayard died suddenly August 13, 1785, leaving a son who soon died. Col. Bayard married third, Johannah White, sister of General Anthony White. She died in New Brunswick, N. J., June 26,1834, with no issue. Col. Bayard had prior to this date removed to New Jersey, where he was much honored.

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By his first wife, Margaret Hodge, there were the following issue:

  •  James Asheton Bayard, born May 5, 1760, (died June, 1782); married Eliza, daughter of Dr. John Rodgers and Elizabeth Bayard, and had two sons:

    • James Asheton Bayard.

    • Walton Bayard.

  •  Andrew Bayard, born Feb. 24, 1762, (died in Philadelphia, Pa., in 1833); married a daughter of Col. Charles Pettit, of the Revolutionary Army, and had:

    • Sarah Bayard.

    • John Bayard.

    • Elizabeth Bayard.

    • Theodosia Bayard.

    • James Bayard.

    • Charles Bayard.

  •  John Murray Bayard, born March 11, 1766, (died Weston, April 9, 1823); married Margaret Carrick and had:

    • Jane Bayard, married A H. Stevens.

  •  Samuel Bayard, born Jan. 11, 1766, (died Princeton, N. J., May 11, 1840); Clerk of Supreme Court and a man who held other important positions. He married Martha, daughter of Lewis Pintard and Susan Stockton, sister of Richard Stockton, the Signer, and had:

    • Lewis Pintard Bayard.

    • Susan Bayard.

    • Maria Bayard.

    • Samuel John Bayard, married Jane Anne Winder Dashiel, of Baltimore, Md. Samuel John Bayard and Jane Anne Winder Dashiel had:1 Martha Pintard Bayard, who married Capt. Jeremiah P. Schindel, U. S. A., and they had: General Samuel John Bayard Schindel, U. S. A., who married Isa Gartery Urquhart Glenn, daughter of Thomas John Glenn, of Atlanta, Ga., and Helen Augusta Garrard and they had:

      • Samuel John Bayard Schindel, Jr., born Sept. 4, 1909.

    • William Marsden Bayard.

    • Elizabeth Juliet Bayard.

    • Caroline Smith Bayard.

  •  Jane Bayard, born July 12, 1772, (died Brunswick, N. J., Feb. 16, 1851); married Andrew Kirkpatrick, for twenty years Chief Justice of New Jersey. The issue of this marriage were:

    • Mary Ann Kirkpatrick, married Mr. How.

    • John Bayard Kirkpatrick.

    • George Littleton Kirkpatrick.

    • Jane Eudora Kirkpatrick, born May 26,1799; married Dec. 12, 1837, Rev. Jonathan Cogswell, D. D.

      • I Jane, Emily Searle Cogswell, married Nov. 3, 1869, General James Grant Wilson, of New York City.

    • Elizabeth Kirkpatrick.

    • Sarah Kirkpatrick.

    • Charles Martel Kirkpatrick.

  •  Dr. Nicholas Serl Bayard, of New Jersey, born 1774; son of Col. John Bayard and Margaret Hodge; removed to Savannah, Georgia, and was a prominent physician there and one of the incorporators of the Georgia Medical Society in 1805. He died about October 30,1821,2 in Savannah, and was buried in the old cemetery now called Colonial Park. He married first, Mar. 10, 1798, his cousin Ann Livingston Bayard, who died in 1802 She was the daughter of Nicholas Bayard and Catharine Livingston, daughter of Philip Van Brugh Livingston. Dr. Nicholas Serl Bayard and Ann Livingston Bayard had one son:

    • 1. Nicholas James Bayard, married first, Sarah Harris; second, Sarah Glen; third, Eliza Hand, ned King.

    Dr. Nicholas Serl Bayard married, second, Esther McIntosh, widow of John Peter Ward and daughter of General Lachlan McIntosh and Sarah Threadcraft, by whom there was issue:

    • 1. Jane Bayard, married Rev. James Leighton Wilson.

    • 2. Margaret Esther Bayard, married Rev. James Read Eckard, by whom she had:

      • I. Leighton Wilson Eckard, married Bessie Schofield and had issue.

  •  Margaret Bayard, daughter of Col. John Bayard, born Feb. 20, 1778, (died in Washington, D. C., June 7, 1844); married Samuel Harrison Smith and had:

    • Julia Smith.

    • Susan Smith.

    • John Bayard Harrison Smith.

    • Anne Smith.

  •  Anna M, Bayard, born March 22, 1779, (died at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. Hepburn, in Orange County, N. Y., Nov., 1869); married Samuel Boyd and had:

    • Bayard Boyd.

    • Elizabeth Boyd.

    • Anna Boyd.

    • Isabella Boyd.


  1. The author is not pretending to give all issue of this marriage, as there may be many more of which he is unaware.

  2. Died: Dr. Nicholas S. Bayard (Savannah Republican, 30 Oct., 1821).



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