Bayard Genealogy


Samuel Bayard Genealogy

Samuel Bayard, son of Petrus Bayard and Blandina Kierstede, married first, Susannah Bouchelle, born 1677, daughter of Liege de Bouchelle and Anna Margaretta Cond,1 and had:

  •  Colonel Peter Bayard, born about 1705; married Susannah Richardson.

    • Elizabeth Bayard (died Jan. 20, 1763, 25 years of age), married Rev. John Rodgers, D. D., and had:

      • Dr. John R Bayard Rodgers.

      • Susannah Rodgers, married Rev. Dr. Wm. Tennent.

    • Ann Bayard, married William Scott.

    • Susannah Bayard, married Jonathan Smith and had:

      • Samuel Harrison Smith, married Margaret Bayard, daughter of Colonel John Bayard, and had:

        • John Bayard Harrison Smith, of Baltimore, Md.

        • Julia Smith.

        • Susan Smith.

        • Anne Smith.

  •  Samuel Bayard, married July 3, 1729, Francina Maulden. They had 12 children of which the following:

    • Samuel Bayard, born May 30,1730; married Mrs. Ann Lawrenson, daughter of Nicholas Vandegrift and granddaughter of Lady Barnchy Van Kirk Perry. (Nicholas Vandergrift settled at Bohemia Manor as early as 1725).

      • Ann Bayard, born Jan. 1, 1781; married 1804, Levi G. Foard. Issue:

        • Samuel B. Foard.

        • Richard J. Foard.

        • Edward L Foard.

        • Mary Foard, married Captain Lambert D. Nowland.

      • Francina Bayard, married Samuel Wirt and had:

        • Dr. John Wesley Wirt.

      • Sarah A. Bayard, born November 22, 1788; married John T. Wirt.

    • Peter Bayard.

    • Susanna Bayard, born Jan. 24, 1741.

    • Col. Stephen Bayard, died Dec. 13, 1815.

    • John Bayard.

  •  James Bayard, married Mary Asheton. Issue:

  •  Mary (or Maria) Ann Bayard, married Dr. Sluyter Bouchelle, ancestor of Bouchelles of the South, of Anthony Higgins and Caesar Rodney.


1. Married, as second husband, Bishop Petrus Sluyter.



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