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Jannet Marsh Frame Genealogy

Jannet Marsh Frame, daughter of William and Rebecca Fraim, was born August 10, 1812; she married Dr. Dudley Allen on May 17, 1837. Their children were:

  1. Martha Dudley Allen, born May 30, 1838; died June 1846;

  2. Emily C. Allen, born June 9, 1846; married Solon L. Severance, 1821 Euclid Ave., Cleveland, Ohio; Their children were:

    1. Julia Walworth Severance, born in 1862; married lien J. L. Millikin, M. D., in 1891. Their children were:

      1. Helen Emily Millikin, born February 21, 1893;

      2. Severance Allen Millikin, born July 13, 1895;

      3. Marianna Elizabeth Millikin, born December 18, 1897;

      4. Dudley L. Millikin, born December 8, 1899;

      5. Louise Millikin, born March 7, 1901

    2. Allen Dudley Severance, born March 12, 1865.

    3. Mary Helen, born in 1865;

    4. Paul Frame, born on December 18, 1871; died July 12, 1872.

  3. Theresa Rebecca Allen, born April 4, 1842; died July 1867;
    Cornelia Allen;

  4. Jimmie Allen;

  5. Dudley P. Allen, M. D., married Elizabeth Severance, 881 Euclid Ave., Cleveland, Ohio;

They lived at one time in Kinsman, Ohio, and then moved to Oberlin, Ohio. Dr. Allen's second wife was Catherine Fraim. His son by one of these wives was a prominent physician in Cleveland, Ohio, and married a Miss Severance. His daughter Emily Allen married a Severance of Cleveland, the uncle of the Miss Severance whom Emily's brother married;



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