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William Fraim Genealogy

William Fraim, son of David and Catherine Fraim, married Miss Rebecca Marsh. He lived, at one time, in Baltimore, Maryland, and moved from there to the neighborhood of Poland, Ohio. They were married on February 20, 1802. Rebecca Marsh was born on October 22, 1775, and died on July 20, 1842. Their children were:

  1. Mary Miller, born November 20, 1802; died April 29, 1804;

  2. Eliza, born May 21, 1805; married Albert Allen, on May 17, 1835;

  3. George M., born Feb. 10, 1807; married Jane Minder, on September 19, 1829;

  4. Ruth Anna, born March 8, 1809; died June 8, 1888; married Billins Kirtland, on April 6, 1831. They died in Poland, Ohio;

  5. Thomas, born January 5, 1811; married Mary Braskin, on January 16, 1840; They lived at one time in Poland, Ohio, then moved to Iowa or Missouri, and then the family scattered.

  6. Jannet, born August 10, 1812; died March 22, 1862; married Dr. Dudley Allen, cousin of Albert Allen. They lived at one time in Kinsman, Ohio, and then moved to Oberlin, Ohio. Dr. Allen's second wife was Catherine Fraim. His son by one of these wives was a prominent physician in Cleveland, Ohio, and married a Miss Severance. His daughter Emily Allen married a Severance of Cleveland, the uncle of the Miss Severance whom Emily's brother married;

  7. William S. M., born September 11, 1814; died February 10, 1842; married Julia Baker on November 23, 1839;

  8. Mary, born January 1, 1817; died 1893; married Marcellus Meacham on January 12, 1848;

  9. Rebecca, born October 22, 1818; died November 11, 1846 at Brighton, Iowa; married Marcellus Meacham, on February 28, 1844. She died two years after the marriage. Then Marcellus married Mary Fraim.

  10. Catharine, born December 4, 1822; died October 6, 1899; married Dr. Dudley Allen after his first wife died; they married in 1865. Her first husband was Walter R. Giekey; they were married in May, 1860.



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