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John Selby Frame Genealogy

John Selby Frame, son of Reuben and Margaret Frame, was born on May 8, 1839 at South Salem, N. Y. He married Clara Winchester Dana, of Troy, New York, on August 11, 1864. They were married by Rev. D. S. Gregory.

John Selby Frame was ordained in the Presbyterian Ministry in Morris, Illinois, in 1863. He followed his father as pastor of the Morris Presbyterian Church in 1863, and continued his pastorate there for six more years. He then became pastor of the Presbyterian. Church of Champaign, Illinois, where he died of pneumonia on October 13, 1874. He is buried in the Weed Lot in the Oakwood Cemetery in Troy, New York. His wife Clara died in Troy, New York, of pneumonia on April 20, 1895, and is buried there. Their children were:

  1. James Dana Frame, born December 9, 1865; died September 12, 1866. He was buried in Troy, New York;

  2. Henry Weed Frame, born February 18, 1867; He married Mary Grace Andres, daughter of John Price Andres and Mary Moores Andres, in Troy, New York, on September 5, 1893. Their address is: Talent, Oregon, R. F. D. Their children are:

    1. Dana Selby Frame, born in Troy, N. Y., on January 4, 1895; married Helen MacDonald on October 13, 1918, in Corvallis, Oregon. Their children are:

      1. Virginia, born July 17, 1919;

      2. Donald Selby, born April 5, 1921; died a few hours after birth;

      3. Douglas MacDonald, born July 26, 1922.

    2. Howard Andres Frame, born in Stamford, Vt., on September 5, 1896.

  3. Julia Locke Frame, born July 23, 1869; was married to Dr. Philip D. Bunce on July 27, 1926. Dr. Bunce comes from Hartford, Connecticut;

  4. Reuben Frame, Jr., born May 15, 1871. He married twice, but had no children. His second wife was Matilda Deschant. She died in February 1928 in Seattle, Washington.

  5. John Selby Frame, Jr., born Nov. 29, 1872. He married Elizabeth Rutter Gilbert, daughter of Henry Wilbur and Anna Haviland Gilbert, on April 23, 1905. Their address is: Fargo, North Dakota. Their children are:

    1. John Selby Frame, Jr., born March 8, 1907;

    2. Margery Frame, born July 7, 1910;

    3. Daniel Platt Frame, born July 30, 1911.

"The Interior" (later called "The Continent") in its issue of October 29, 1874 says of the Rev. John Selby Frame, who had just died: "Mr. Frame combined, in an unusual degree, the attributes of both nature and grace, which make up the pattern minister of Christ. His natural talents, which were of a high order, had been thoroughly trained in the best schools. His social qualities were uncommonly fine. With a scrupulous sense of honor, a great delicacy of feeling, high-bred courtesy, and an unfailing sense of propriety, which made him a pattern Christian gentleman, he was yet eminently genial, free and cheery, an utter stranger to petty jealousy and meanness of spirit."

John Selby Frame was united with the church on his 17th birthday. He spent two years in Carroll College, Wisconsin, one year in Westminster College, in Missouri, and two years at Princeton College, in New Jersey, graduating there in 1860. He graduated from the Princeton Theological Seminary in 1863. He was ordained and installed pastor of a church in Morris, Ill., on November 8, 1863. He was a Pastor in Champaign, Ill., from April 1870 to October 1874. He preached his farewell sermon in Morris, Ill., on March 27, 1870. He ordained John Be Davidson to the eldership, on March 20, 1870.



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