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Reuben Frame Genealogy

Reuben, son of James and Rachel Fraim, married Margaret Stewart Selby of Flushing, Long Island, on October 16, 1832. Their children were:

  1. Sarah Selby Frame was born on March 8, 1834, in Flushing, Long Island. She was married on May 28, 1861 to John B. Davidson of Morris, Ill. by her father, Reuben Frame. They had no children, but Carrie Selby Gilman, daughter of Mary Elizabeth Frame, lived with them from the time she was two years old until she was about 12 or 13.

    Sarah Davidson was very active in the Presbyterian Church of Morris until the fall of 1891, when she broke up house keeping because her husband had died; she sold her home, and moved to Chicago. She boarded in Chicago until about 1908, when she went to Galesburg, Ill., where she boarded until about 1912. Then she went to Sioux City, Iowa, and boarded there until she died of pneumonia on May 5, 1913. She is buried in Evergreen Cemetery, in Morris, Illinois.

  2. Harriet Frame was born on December 27, 1835 in South Salem, N. Y., in the Presbyterian Parsonage. Married. She made her home with her parents in Morris, Ill., until 1875, when they broke up house keeping. After that, she boarded in various places, chiefly in Chicago. On May 26, 1921, she broke her hip by falling while in downtown Chicago. She was in the Presbyterian Hospital in Chicago from that day until July 1, and was then moved by ambulance to Hinsdale Sanitarium, in Hinsdale, Ill., where she died on August 22, 1921.

  3. William Miller Frame was born in South Salem, N. Y., on September 22, 1837. He died at Wappinger's Falls, Duchess Co., N. Y., on August 28, 1851. He is buried in the Selby burial ground in the Evergreen Cemetery, in Morris, Illinois.

  4. John Selby Frame, born May 8, 1839; died October 12, 1874; married Clara Winchester Dana of Troy, N. Y.;

  5. Margaretta Frame, born November 22, 1840; died December 1913; married George B. Hossack;

  6. Catherine Frame, born September 27, 1842; died August 6, 1890; married Rev. Samuel Elhridge Vance;

  7. Mary Elizabeth Frame, born June 15, 1844; died March 10, 1916; married William Gilman of Ottawa, Ill.;

  8. Walter Reuben Frame, born January 26, 1849; died January 29, 1890; married Nellie (Ellen) Stevens of Trempeliam, Wisconsin.

All of the above children were born in the same room of the Presbyterian Parsonage at South Salem, New York, except Sarah.

Reuben Frame changed the spelling of his name from Fraim to Frame in 1825 to correspond to that of his cousins. He was of Quaker parentage, but united with the Presbyterian Church in 1821, when he was 17 years old. He pursued his course of college preparation at West Nottingham Academy, in Maryland. He graduated from Jefferson College (now Washington and Jefferson) in 1826. He taught for one year in West Nottingham Academy, and then entered Princeton Theological Seminary, in New Jersey, in 1827, and studied there for one year. He taught for one year in Clinton, New Jersey, then returned to Princeton Seminary and graduated in 1831.

He was licensed to preach by the Presbytery of New Castle on April 16, 1831. He was ordained by the Presbytery of Cincinnati on February 13, 1833, and was installed as pastor of a church in Bethel, Ohio. He was the Pastor of a church in South Salem, New York, from October 9, 1834 to October 30, 1850. He was the Pastor in Wappingher's Falls, New York, from December 1, 1850 to April 1, 1855. He was Pastor elect in Fondulac, Wisconsin, from April 1855 to April 1858. He was Pastor in Morris, Illinois, from September 1, 1859 to October 1, 1863. He resided in Morris, Ill. from 1859 to 1875. He resided in Chicago, Ill. from 1875 to 1891, with his daughter Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Gilman. He was led to resign his pastorate at Morris, Illinois, because of cataracts on his eyes, for he could not see well enough to read the Scriptures or see his congregation. He died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Gilman, on March 31, 1891, at the age of 86 years. He was buried in the Graceland Cemetery, in Chicago, Ill., in lot 35 Fairlawn. His widow, Margaret Selby Frame, is buried beside him. She died in the home of Mary E. Gilman on February 6, 1902, at the age of 93.



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