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Ruth Anna Frame Genealogy

Ruth Anna, daughter of William and Rebecca Fraim, was born on March 8, 1809; she married Billins Kirtland on April 6, 1831. Their children are:

  1. Caroline Kirtland;

  2. Mary P. Kirtland;

  3. Rebecca Kirtland;

  4. Furhead Kirtland;

  5. Emma C. Kirtland, born August 16, 1841; married Samuel Hine on October 10, 1866, in Poland, Ohio; Their children were:

    1. Samuel Kirtland Hine;

    2. Ellen L. Hine;

    3. Alfred B. Hine; married Marguerite Gibson. Their children were:

      1. Elinor Louise

      2. Manguerite;

    4. Homer H. Hine;

    5. Charlie P. Hine; married Helen Green. Their only child was:

      1. Mary Elizabeth Hine.

  6. Alfred P. Kirtland, born May 24, 1844; married Lucy Shields in October 1876. They had two children: Ruth C. Kirtland, 245 E. Johnson St., Germantown, Pa.; John S. Kirtland, who died in 1908;

  7. Lucy H. Kirtland, married to Rev. D. V. May on October 10, 1871. Their children are:

    1. Ruth E. May, who married Dr. J. Hartley Anderson, 4630 Fifth Ave., Pittsburgh, Penn. Her children were: Hartley Kirtland Anderson, Ruth Anna Anderson, and L. Eloise Anderson;

    2. Katherine May;

    3. L. Eloise May;

    4. C. Frederick May;

    5. Paul K. May.

  8. Katharine Kirtland.



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