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Elizabeth Bell Grimes Genealogy

73. Elizabeth Bell (Lizzie) Grimes, dau. of Isaac Wilson Grimes, b. February 25, 1892, in Wayne County, Tennessee. She m. July 22, 1913, George Hall, b. October 20, 1890 in Lawrence County, Tennessee. They live in Jasper, Alabama where he is agent for the Southern Railroad.


132. Morris Aaron, b. October 22, 1914, in Etheridge, Tennessee. He was graduated from the School of Architecture, Auburn University, Auburn, Alabama. He served as a major (C. E.) in the U. S. Army during World War U and is now a practicing architect under the firm name of George Blau and Morris Hall Architects, Atlanta, Georgia. He m. June 5, 1947, Ella Kammerer, b. January 17, 1922 in Panhandle, Texas. They have four children: George Kenneth, b. July 8, 1948; Gary Sewell, b. April 29, 1951; Charles Morris, b. January 27, 1954; and Dorothy Louise, b. September 30, 1955.

133. Dorothy Loraine, b. June 4, 1916, in Lawrence County, Tennessee. She m. March 3, 1941, Fred Braune. They have a daughter, Linda Jean, b. September 21, 1942. They live in Montgomery, Alabama.

134. Helen Geneva ("Jim"), b. June 10, 1921, in Nauvoo, Alabama. She m. December 27, 1940, Paul J. Brignet, b. October 3, 1914. They live in Jasper, Alabama and have four children: Angela Camilla, b. April 12, 1942; Helen Paulette, b. March 18, 1947; and twins, Paul Jeffre, Jr. and Dorthea Elizabeth, b. January 23, 1953.





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