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Isaac Wilson Grimes Genealogy

30. Isaac Wilson Grimes, son of James Eli Grimes, b. November 27, 1860, in Wayne County, Tennessee; m. Sarah C. Barnett, daughter of John M. and Carolyn Skillern Barnett. John M. was b. 1834, in Wayne County, the son of John M., Sr. and Lovina (Poag) Barnett. They were b. in Georgia and South Carolina, respectively. The senior Barnett was the first circuit court clerk of Wayne Co. He also farmed, practiced medicine, and was a minister of the Christian Church. He d. in Wayne County, 1834. His wife d. 1864. Carolyn Skillern, daughter of Anderson and Polly (Springer) Skillern was b. 1833 and d. 1863. Isaac Wilson and wife established their home on the old Barnett farm on 48 Creek in Wayne County where they lived until 1903 when they moved to Etheridge, in Lawrence County. They were both members of the Christian Church. He d. April 21, 1923. She d. October 16, 1923. They are buried in the family- cemetery on 48 Creek.


70. Jim, b. October 29, 1881.

71. Edgar William, b. March 17, 1884; d. January 22, 1933. He left no issue.

72. Hattie Estell, b. October 25, 1889.

73. Elizabeth Belle, b. February 25, 1892.

74. Tennie, b. June 22, 1893.

75. Claude Wilson, b. February 24, 1894.

Note: Descendents of Isaac Wilson Grimes furnished by his daughters Hattie, Elizabeth and Tennie.



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