Van Vorst Genealogy


Van Vorst Ancestry

Cornelis Van Vorst m. Vrouwtje Ides
Annetje Van Vorst m. Claes Jansen Kuyper
Tryntje Kuyper m. Theunis Van Houten
Claes Van Houten m. Grietje Haring
Roelof Van Houten m. Catherine Nagel
Grietje Van Houten m. Albert Stephens
Catherine Stephens m. Daniel Hawkhurst
Frances Hawkhurst m. Elijah Horton Cronk
Emma Teresa Cronk m. George Bartlett Hoffman
Minnie Lenora Hoffman m. John Schmieg
Florence Bell Schmieg m. Stanley Spartan Tumbridge

1. Cornelis Van Vorst was one of the earliest colonizers of New Netherland. He was born in Holland and sent to Italy to study wood carving and later established himself in Holland as an expert in that trade. He probably came to New Amsterdam with the Hulst expedition in April, 1625. His wife, name not known, and children, preceded him on the ship Orangeboom. He returned to Holland before 1630 when he was engaged by Michiel Pauw as agent for Pavonia, he being the chief officer, the civil and judicial head of the Colony in May, 1632. He married second, date unknown, Vrouwtje Ides, and died in the summer of 1638, leaving the largest private estate of the time.

On March 31, 1639, Governor Kieft leased to his widow, for twenty years, the Bouwery, owned by the West India Co., in Ahasimus, N. J., and this lease was later transferred to her second husband, Jacob Stoffelsen, and later to his second wife, Tryntje Jacobs.

Issue by first wife: Jan, Hendrick; by second wife: Annetje, Ide.

2. Annetje Van Vorst, daughter of Cornelis and Vrouwtie (Ides) Van Vorst, in 1650 became engaged to Pieter Kock, a burgher and an inhabitant of New Amsterdam. On February 24, 1653, he entered suit against her for breach of promise and the papers show she had a step-father named Jacob Stoffelsen.

February 26, 1653, she was absent from the trial because of bad weather, and on March 10, 1653, she defaulted, but later appeared with her step-father and an answer in writing, and on February 19, 1654, the papers were sent to the Director-General and Counsel for decision. She was residing in Ahasimus, N. J., and she stated she declined to marry him because of certain misbehavior on his part. The Burgomasters and Schepens, after full examination, decided, May 18, 1654, that her promise of marriage was given in the eyes of God and should remain in force, so that neither party "shall be at liberty to marry without the consent of the Worshipful Magistrates." (Records of New Amsterdam, Vol. 1, pp. 54, 57, 61, 64, 167,199.)

The Magistrates must have given their consent for her to marry, for on November 11, 1656, she was married to Claes Jansen Kuyper, it being recorded in the Dutch Church Marriages, p. 21. He died in Bergen, N. J., November 30, 1688, and she on July 12, 1725.

See Kuyper Ancestry.


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