Houstoun Genealogy


Sir Patrick Houstoun Genealogy

Sir Patrick Houstoun1, first Baronet (died 1696 ), son of Patrick Houstoun, had by Lady Ann Hamilton, daughter of John, Lord Bargany, by Margaret, daughter of William, first Marquis of Douglas, the following issue:

  •  Sir John Houstoun, married Lady Ann Drummond, daughter of Earl of Melfort. Sir John Houstoun, second Baronet, a very prominent man in Renfrew (died 1717), and Lady Ann Drummond had: Sir John Houstoun, third Baronet, who married Lady Mary Shaw and had: Sir John Houstoun, fourth Baronet, who married Lady Ann Cathcart, daughter of Lord Cathcart, by whom he had no issue, and hence the succession devolved upon Sir Patrick Houstoun, second son of first Baronet, who became fifth Baronet. He removed to Georgia in 1735 and there founded the family of Houstoun (died 1762 ).

  •  Patrick Houstoun, married Priscilla Dunbar.

  •  Mr. William Houstoun.

  •  James Houstoun.

  •  Archibald Houstoun.


  1. The Scot's Peerage.



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