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Hugh Jones Genealogy

Hugh Jones, Immigrant of Salem, Massachusetts, being one of the earliest pioneers. Was born in Wincanton. England, 1635; emigrated to Salem, Massachusetts in 1650, where he died about 1688.

He married first, Hannah, daughter of John and Margaret Tompkins of Salem, Massachusetts, June 26, 1660. She was born February 21, 1640-1 and died May 10, 1612.

He married second, December 31, 1672, Mary, Baptized March 29, 1649, daughter of John and Martha (Tompkins) Foster of Salem, a cousin of his first wife. She died in Woburn, Massachusetts, May 29, 1717.

November 18. 1661 he received from the town a homestead grant of about three acres of land which he sold April 22, 1673 to William Robinson of Salem.

On April 13, 1674, he bought of Thomas Gardner, five acres of land in the "North Neck".

Hugh Jones was a farmer and reared a large family on his small estate. His descendants for five generations lived mostly in Middlesex and Worcester Counties, Massachusetts, and Hillsborough County, New Hampshire. They were a vigorous, hardy, long-lived race of farmers and blacksmiths. They reared large families; were continually pioneers to new settlements on the advancing frontiers, and most of them were at some period, engaged in the military service.

Mary, the widow of Hugh Jones, removed after 1688, with most of her children, to the northern part of Woburn. They had fifteen children.


1. Hannah, born February 9, 1661, died October 1, 1662.
2. Sarah, born 1662, died 1664.
3. Sarah, born April 30, 1663, died 1663.
4. Elizabeth, born October 2, 1664
5. Mary, born January 30, 1665, married January 1, 1681, John, son of John and Judith (Cook) Pudney of Salem.
6. John, born August 4, 1667, married January 7, 1696, Mary Knowlton of Reading.
7. Deborah, born March 10, 1669
8. Samuel, born April 30, 1612, married 1695, Abigail Snow daughter of Samuel and Sarah (Wilson) Snow of Woburn.


9. Rebecca, born October 15, 1613, married 1659, William, son of William and Sarah Butters. They had nine children.
10. Abigail, born January 1, 1614. married Lieut. Samuel son of Samuel and Sarah (Wilson) Snow of Woburn born February 8, 1669-10. He lived in Woburn until 1724, and removed to Ashford, Conn.. where he died December 19, 1743. His widow Abigail, died January 12, 1741, having had eight children.
11. Hannah, born May 17, 1611
12. Rachel, born April 11, 1679, died December 10, 1715, married August 15. 1696, Daniel, born July 9, 1674, son of Samuel and Sarah (Wilson) Snow of Woburn. They lived in Woburn and had seven children.
13. Sarah, born July 10, 1681, died February 13, 1771; married December 26, 1700. Abraham. son of Abraham and Mary (Adford) Jaquith of Woburn. They resided in Woburn and Wilmington and had fifteen children.
14. Hugh, born 1683, married Hannah Wilson of Woburn. 15. Lydia, born February 20, 1684-5



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