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Zebadiah Jones Genealogy

Zebadiah4 Jones (Jonathan3 Hugh2 Hugh1) was born in Dracut, March 12, 1753. He always resided in his native town, on a portion of the homestead which his father deeded to him October 20, 1788. There he died August 2, 1823. He served in the Revolution, private in Capt. Peter Coburn's company on the Lexington alarm, and later enlisting as corporal in Capt. Stephen Russell's company, serving from August 15 to November 20. 1777, in the Saratoga campaign. He married October 19, 1776, Joanna, born June 2, 1755, died March 7, 1835, daughter of Thomas and Mary (Coburn) Goodhue of Dracut.


1. Nehemiah, born November 27, 1778. Lived in Dracut where he died April 7, 1850. Married September 7, 1800, Marcy, born May 8, 1778, daughter of Jonathan and Marcy (Richardson) of Dracut.


Nehemiah, Jonathan, Franklin, Alonzo, Rebecca.

2. Thomas, born September 18, 1781. Lived in Dracut where he died October 12, 1860. Married May 14. 1812, Rachel Varnum, born November 14, 1784, died November 5, 1872, daughter of Nehemiah and Sarah (Whitting) Flint of Dracut. In his will, dated January 22, 1842, he gave bequests to his wife, Rachel, and sister Dorcas Bradley, and the residue to his nephew, Thomas Jones Coburn.
3. Zebediah, born in 1785. Lived in Dracut where he died September 10, 1846. Married October 23, 1807, Prudence, born February 6, 1790, died June 23, 1859, daughter of Jonathan and Marcy (Richardson) Richardson of Dracut.


Prudence, Harriet, Milo, Cryus, Dorcas, Sabra, Mercy, Emily, Nancy, Laura, George.

4. Joanna, born in 1787, died September 10, 1823. Married March 11, 1809, Jonas, born July 31, 1780, died April 12, 1831, son of Jonathan and Mercy (Richardson) Richardson of Dracut. They lived in Dracut and had three children.
5. Relief, born in 1790, died October 28, 1846. Married July 10, 1814, Saul, born December 1, 1788, died September 19, 1776, son of Saul and Hannah (Jones) Coburn of Dracut. They lived in Dracut and had ten children.
6. Dorcas, born 1793, died November 13, 1878. Married August 10, 1815, Joshua, born November 4, 1791, died August 29, 1832, son of Joshua and Mary (Poor) Bradley of Dracut. They resided in Dracut and had at least two children.
7. Sarah, born about 1796. Married first, May 14, 1820, John Carlton, born August 14, 1794, died March 11, 1821, son of Joshua and Lydia (Mears) Thissell of Dracut and had one child. Married second, November 11, 1824, John Patten, born May 4, 1797, son of Dr. Joshua and Abigail (Patten) Sawyer of Hampstead, New Hampshire.



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