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John Lambert of Salem, Massachusetts

1. JOHN LAMBERT of Salem, fisherman, had left his wife and a daughter in England, but had brought with him his son John, who, assuming his age to have been correctly stated in his deposition in 1677, was born about 1629. The only child, not recorded, so far as discovered, was his son John, mentioned in his grandfather's will in 1684 and executor of the will, therefore of full age at that time, and with a daughter Sarah, who receives a bequest from her great-grandfather. Also mentioned in the will is a grandchild Mary. It must be assumed that he had no other children than John and the daughter in England.

That he had vainly tried to get his wife and daughter across is proved by his being presented in the Quarterly Court, Jan. 26, 1668, as follows:-" John Lambert of Beverly, for living from his wife, was dismissed after satisfying the court that he had endeavored to send for her and expected her shortly." And again, June 27, 1671:" John Lambert was presented for absence from his wife. The action was dismissed, he having used his utmost endeavors to have her come over to him." Nicholas Bartlett (who was of Kennebunk in 1651, and living in Salem in 1700) was in court, charged with breach of the peace, in striking John Lambert in April, 1665.

" Jo: Lambert and others petitioninge for libertie of fom lande to plant on moultons meferie their def ire is not granted," Oct. 8, 1663. Salem Town Records.

The marriage of Elizabeth Lambert is found in the Salem Court Records, October, 1657, to William Cash, but it is not clear where she belongs in the family. Savage thinks she may have been a daughter of Richard's, and the name of the last child lends probability to this. They had children:-William, born Feb. 23,1668; John, born July 10, 1671, died about July 24, 1671; John (twin), born July 10, 1672, died Aug. 26, 1674; Elizabeth, born July 10, 1672 (twin); Ann (twin), born April 29, 1675; Mary (twin), born Apr. 29, 1675; Hester, born Mar. 9, 16 79.

John Lambert of Salem was a signer of a petition against imposts in 1668, and in November, 1670, he testified upon oath that when he went away and left his house on a Friday morning, it was fast nailed up with a board against it, and when he returned, his window was open, in which time William Barnes broke into his house at the window, as he confessed. Barnes was sentenced to be branded and to pay the charges. (Barnes was a servant of Paul Thorndike of Beverly.)

Walter Price of Salem, in his will, May 21, 1674, proved June, 1674, leaves to his son John "the now dwelling house of John Lambert in Salem, or the debt due to me from him." The deeds show that John Lambert, in 1667, bought a house of Nathaniel Masters, taylor, on the Basse River side, which district was set off to the town of Beverly the following year. In 1670 he bought five acres more of William Hoare in the same locality. In 1683 he gave his grandson, John, of Salem, his house and some land.

He died in 1684, between Nov. 14 and 25, and his wife and daughter were still living, so far as he knew, in England. His will, dated Nov. 14, 1684, proved Nov. 24, 1684, provides for the following bequests:

"To my loving wife and to my daughter in old England ten pounds, to my fone John Lambert five shillings, to my grandfone John Lamberts Daughter Sarah one of my feather-beds and all the furniture there vnto belonging, to my grandchild mary Lambert one pewter platter & one poringer. All the rest of my perfonal eftate to my grandchild John Lambert whom I doe make full executor. I defire my two Loveing friends Samuel Corning fenr and John Bennet to be overfeers."

The inventory of the estate was made by Samuel Corning fenn and Joseph Morgan, Nov. 25, 1684: 17:18:6, and presented by his fon John Lambert fenn, Nov. 24, 1685.


2. A DAUGHTER, who remained in England.
3. JOHN, b. perhaps abt. 1629; d. 1710/11.



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