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3. JOHN LAMBERT, if his deposition in November, 1677, correctly states his age, was born about 1629. Like his father, he was a fisherman, but we find very few items to inform us of his doings. In the Records of the Court of Assistants of Massachusetts Bay (vol. 1, p. 241), under date of Nov. 12, 1683, William Johnson being presented by the Grand Jury was brought to the barr holding vp his hand at the barr was Indicted by the name of Willjam Johnston for that he not haueing the feare of God before his eyes but Instigated by the divil Confoederating himselfe wth one John Graham & other Sea Rouers his Accomplices did together with them sometimes in the month of June in this present yeare 1683 on the high sea & neere the Coast of (Can)ady wth force of Armes pirattically assault, seize & take seuerall vessels & the Companyes belonging to them i.e. a certain Catch belonging to the Port of Salem John Lambert master &c after the euidences produced agt him were read Comitted to the Jury the Jury brought in their virdict they found the prisoner Wm Johnson at the barr not guilty according to Indictment", &c.

He was administrator of Elias Wiett, lately deceased at sea, and brought in an inventory Nov. 27, 1666.

Essex deeds show that in or before 1660 his father-inlaw, Edward Gaskill of Salem, ship-carpenter, had conveyed land to John Lambert of Salem, seaman, and Lambert conveyed a part to John Loomis Jan. 28, 1660, and for 125 conveyed back the remainder to Gaskill or Gaskoyne the same day, delivery to be made April 8 following, until which time he was "to stand ye adventure of said house in case of any casualty by fire." Oct. 7, 1664, for " six quintals of marchantable dry codfish," he bought of John Ruck, vintner, part of Ruck's land at the back side of Lambert's lot. He also bought, Oct. 14, 1690, of Thomas Maule, merchant, a tract of land in the South Field, about two acres.

His deposition in 1695 is interesting as illustrating the early method of giving physical possession of a piece of land, by plucking a twig and taking up a piece of turf, and, in some cases, by giving the door-latch to the grantee. " Deposition of John Lambert Senr & of Simon Willard both of full age that September 21 1695 wee were both defired by Mr John Ruck of Salem to goe with him & his sone Thomas Ruck to the homestead of Jno Alford as wee ufually caled it & there Mr Ruck Said this land has Indeed been in said Jno Alfords pofsefion indeed but sd he sd Alford neuer paid me for it nor I newer gaue him a deed of it therefore sd Mr Ruck to vs bear witnefs that I doe giue this Land to my son Thomas Ruck by Turffe & Twigg & sd Mr Ruck did then Stoop downe and toake hold of a twigg in ye Garden of sd homestead & said here son Thomas I doe before thefe two men giue you pofesfion of this Land by Turffe & Twigg & wee doe remember it to be ye same day that Mr Ruck gaue his sd Son Thomas an Instrument of sd Land," Acknowledged Dec. 27, 1698.

He married, probably in Salem, Preserved, baptized Aug. 7, 1639, daughter of Edward and Sarah Gaskoyne (or, as the name soon became, Gaskon, Gaskill, &c.). July 29, 1690, "Edward Gaskin Senr of Salem, being very sick and weake in consideration of fatherly love to son-in-law John Lambert in Salem, senior, [deeds] all my now dwelling house in Salem, money, plates, Jewells, rings, debts, household stuff, apparell, &c " and " In consideration of above written deed of gift I said John Lambert engage to maintaine my father and mother in law Edward and Sarah Gaskin during life and to bury them credibly."

He died about 1710, when, at his widow's request, administration was granted to his son Ebenezer, Mar. 10. The inventory was taken Apr. 14, 1712, by Elizur Keysur and George Locke, and presented by Ebenezer Lambert, admr., amounting to 65:17:0. The , 3d Tuesday May 1715 Ebenezer Lambert admin' to Estate of John Lambert Late of Salem decd is Authorized to Sell Reall Estate to pay his Debts ", and on June 27, 1715, he sells, for 50, to William Luscombe of Salem, the late homestead, formerly in possession of John Alford.

Children, born in Salem:

4. JOHN, prob. eldest child; d. June 30, 1704.
5. ELIZABETH, m. Oct. 16, 1678, Joseph (bapt. Sept. 12, 1653), s. of Joseph and Mary Swasey of Salem. He lived in what is now English St. in 1680, and later on the present Beckford St., and d. before 1709. She d. after 1711. Chn., b. in Salem: (1) Samuel, bapt. July 14, 1682, d. 1739; (2) Elizabeth, b. May 2, 1684, d. July 3, 1703; (3) Joseph, b. Aug. 10, 1685, d. May 26, 1770.
6. DANIEL, b. Oct. 3, 1658; d. 1695.
7. SARA, born Feb. 7, 1660; married, first, Henry or James Frood, or Frude, probably of Marblehead, and second, Sept. 7, 1688, Daniel Bacon, jr., who is called son-in-law in a deed by John Lambert in 1696. Daniel Bacon was born Oct. 14, 1665, and died after 1750. They had eight children. He bought some land of the executors of John Ruck, Feb. 6, 1698/9, on which he built a house where he lived till his death.
8. EZEKIEL, born Mar. 3, 1661. His house is mentioned Nov. 23, 1688, in the will of George Deane or Dane, of Salem. Ezekiel was probably occupying Deane's house at that time, and as no record of his marriage appears, it suggests itself that he may have married Deane's daughter. Savage says that Deane's daughter Elizabeth married Jonathan Lambert, but in the division of the Thomas Deane estate among the children appears the only son of Jonathan Lambert, and it would appear that Thomas Deane, who was a son of George Deane and married for his second wife Elizabeth Beedle, had a daughter Elizabeth who married Jonathan Lambert. George Deane had daughter Sarah and a daughter Hannah, who married in 1701 John Cook. Nothing more has been found relating to Ezekiel or to his family; no settlement of his estate, nor any recorded deeds.
9. SAMUEL, b. Mar. 16, 1664.
10. MARY, b. Apr. 26, 1667.
11. JONATHAN, b. Dec. 23, 1669.
12. HANNA, b. Dec., 1671; d. Dec., 1671.
13. EBENEZER, b. Apr. 2, 1674; d. bef. 1739.

Parents: John Lambert of Salem



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