Painter Genealogy


Painter Genealogy

Fifty years ago all the members of the Painter family in this part of the State used to congregate at the home of some one member and enjoy a whole day's visit. Should such a thing occur to-day, "some one member" would be greatly amazed.

The descendants of Christian Painter are numbered by hundreds; in a few more years they will be numbered by thousands. In another decade or two the younger generation of the several branches will have become entirely unknown to each other.

Realizing that this must be the case; that this condition has already to a great extent come to pass, and that a short time hence the graves of our fathers will be forgotten and their very names will have passed from the memory of man, a concerted effort has been made to collect accurate data concerning the history of every member of this family, from the latter part of the eighteenth century to the present time.

The result of that effort is this book, which we herewith present to you, the members of this great family. It contains an accurate record, so far as is known, of every member of the family from the Revolutionary War period to the present time, together with the proceedings of the reunions held in 1902 and 1903, and the papers read and the addresses delivered at that time.

If imperfections, omissions and mistakes have crept in here and there, we ask your kindly forbearance. The task has been an arduous one, and we have had to labor under the difficulties of lost records, forgotten dates, and indifference on the part of those who should have been most interested. No offense is intended if such imperfection, omission or mistake has caused any, and the errata will be carefully corrected in the next edition, if due notice is given.


B. H. PAINTER, M. D., Middletown, Ind.
L. H. PAINTER, M. D., Cowan, Ind.



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