Pierpoint Genealogy


Mary (Ruggles) Pierpoint Genealogy

Mary6 Ruggles (Samuel5, Thomas4) born Dec. 8, 1666, was the youngest child that lived, of the 1st wife, Hannah Fowle. She married 1st, Oct. 20, 1692, Ebenezer3 Pierpoint, born Dec. 21, 1661. He was son of John2 and Thankful (Stow) Pierpoint, who, with his brother Robert2, Were sons of James1 and Margaret Pierpoint of Ipswich, Mass.; first settlers. John2 and Thankful Pierpoint had ten children, of which the 6th was Rev. James of Roxbury and New Haven, the 7th being Ebenezer

The children of Ebenezer & Mary (Ruggles) Pierpoint, were: -First John4 Pierpont born Sept. 20,1693, who married about about 1720, Elizabeth Bailey, dau of James4 Bailey who married Elizabeth6 Ruggles, a younger sister of Mary, by the 2d mother Anna (Bright) Ruggles. Second, Ebenezer Pierpoint, born Sept. 14, 1694. He married Feb. 19, 1722-3, Ann Hilton of. Roxbury, a granddaughter of Edward and Ann (Dudley) Hilton of Exeter, N. H. Third, Mary4 Pierpoint born 21 Sept. 1696, d 1697. Ann Dudley was born at Salisbury, Mass., where her father, Rev. Samuel2 was temporarily settled. Rev. Samuel2 was eldest child of Gov. Thomas Dudley, and his sister Mercy 2, the 5th child, married Rev. John Woodbridge of Newbury, Mass., and among the twelve children of the latter was Martha Woodbridge, who married Samuel6 Ruggles, the brother of Mary, who married Ebenezer Pierpoint, and half-brother to Elizabeth. who married James Bailey.

Ebenezer Pierpoint, Mary's husband, died Dec. 7, 1696, when his children, John, Ebenezer and Mary. were quite young. Widow, Mary Pierpoint, married 2d, Nov. 3, 1702, Isaac Morris, son of Edward Morris, a first settler in Roxbury. He was a yeoman, or husbandman; he was a soldier in Capt. Isaac Johnson's Co., in the celebrated Narragansett battles, 1675; he Was one of the four sent by the town of Roxbury to explore the Nipumck country, afterwards Woodstock and Pomfret. Isaac Morris died Oct. 21, 1715, and administration of his estate was given to his widow Mary, Nov. 24, 1715, by Lieut: Gov. Tailor, acting Judge of Probate; who also at the same time and place, Nov. 24, 1715, gave administration of James4 Bailey's estate to his widow, Elizabeth Bailey who died Oct. 24, 1715, three days after the death of Isaac Morris. The inventories of their estates were sworn to at the same time, Feb. 13, 1715 (about four months later), before Samuel Sewall, Judge of Probate. These were among the very first of his recording. Mary (Ruggles) (Pierpoint) Morris died in 1741, perhaps in Woodstock, Conn.



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