Ruggles Genealogy


Ruggles Genealogy

The following genealogy, so far as the Ruggles name goes, is intended primarily to be that of Thomas4 Ruggles, by his son John5, grandson John6, and his son Edward7, thus far in Roxbury, and of Edward8 and Thomas9 in Pomfret, Conn., ending with Thomas9 and his daughter Elethear Bailey in Rutland, Vermont. But the family of Samuel5 Ruggles brother of John5, is given in general terms, because of its interesting situation in Roxbury and elsewhere considering the early period in which its history occurred.

John4 Ruggles, the younger brother of Thomas4, and his only son John5, is given because of the part the latter took in the affairs of Roxbury and Connecticut, and the coincidence of his children and grandchildren in marriage and other relations with those of Thomas4 and son John5 Ruggles.

The second part of this genealogy is designed to trace the ancestry, in part, of Alitheah Smith, whom Thomas9 Ruggles of Pomfret married. Selection being made of those connections the most predominant -as the Prestons, and has led back in time and place to Andover, Newbury, Haverhill and other places in Essex Co., Mass., to their first settlement, and ending in the family of Jonathan Haines in Haverhill.

The third part of this genealogy commences with Samuel2 Ladd (Daniel1 Ladd), who was an associate and neighbor of Haines in Haverhill, and Ladd's descendants, in part, traced, ending in the family of Elethear10 Bailey, daughter of Thomas' Ruggles of Pomfret and Rutland, Vt.



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