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Mariah Smith Genealogy

Mariah Smith, son of Roswell Smith, Jr. Born, place unknown, in 1824. Married Joseph Otis, probably at or near Rushford, Minn. Both were residents of Mansfield, Ark., in 1901-10. He was born in 1817. Died Jan. 9, 1913. She died January 3, 1907. Both died at Mansfield, Ark.


Mary E. Otis, born about 1852. Probably at Rushford, Minn. Married George R. Moore in 1877. She died in 1878 at Rushford, Minn. No further record.

Norton Otis (died at age of 10 years).

George E. Otis, born Mch. 21, 1849, at Oshkosh or Green Bay, Wis. Married June 5, 1905, Mary E. Bullard. Both living at Mansfield, Ark., 1918.

Children, all born at Mansfield, Ark:

George E. Otis, Jr., born Mch. 15, 1906.

Lamar J. Otis, born Mch. 13, 1908.

Celia E. Otis, born July 20, 1904.

Ada M. Otis, born Dec. 15, 1857, at Rushford, Minn. Married Charles A. Graves, Rushford, Minn., Nov. 9, 1876. Residence, Candler, N. C., 1916.


Charles Edward Graves, born Oct. 14, 1877, at Highland, Minn. Married Martha E. Shields, Apr. 11, 1915, at Day Light, Tenn. P. O., Chattanooga, Tenn., 1916.

George Philip Graves, born May 23, 1880, at Highland, Minn. Married June, 1908 (name of wife unknown). Residence, 3345 Lawrence St., Denver, Colo., 1916.

Children. All born at Mansfield, Ark.:

Claud Philip Graves, born Mch. 11, 1909.

Charles Russel Graves, born Aug. 26, 1910.

Lulu Williams Graves, born Aug. 20, 1912.

Burton Graves, born July 18, 1884. Died Mch. 22, 1885.

Mary Esther Graves, born July 7, 1886, at Highland, Minn. Married Mch. 29, 1906, to Isham Lester Peden. Residence, Daylight, Tenn., 1916. No children known.

Ada Helen Graves, born Sept. 10, 1892, at Highland, Minn. Residence, 1916, Candler, N. C. No further record.

Olive Dell Graves, born May 4, 1902. at Highland, Minn. Residence, 1916, Candler, N. C. No further record.

Lester Lewis Graves, born May 25, 1900. Died Dec. 23, 1900



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