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Roswell Smith Genealogy

Son of Roswell Smith, of Windsor, Vt., 1765 to 1812, was born in Windsor, Vt., June 20, 1781, and died in Fond-du-lac, Wis., Oct. 2, 1860. He married Olive M. Norton, in about 1808-9 (place of marriage not determined), by whom he had ten children, viz.

Resided in and about Windsor and in Windsor County, Vt., with his father, very much prior to about 1806. He then went to Barnston, Canada, and resided there and in Stanstead, Quebec Province. He and his father both signed a deed to land in Windsor County, Vermont, June 17, 1808, executed in Derby, Vt., wherein they gave their residence as Barnston, Canada. He is presumed to have married in 1807-8 one Olive (or Olive M.) Norton, when or where is not known (probably in Canada), by whom he had a family of ten children in 1809 to 1831.

A letter is extant written by his brother. Steel Smith, from Stanstead, Canada, Sept. 23, 1814, to Roswell Smith, who was then in Angelica, Alleghany Co., N. Y., wherein is mentioned Roswell Smith. His brother's family, consisting then of a daughter and son, and a new baby born on July 15 inst. Mary P., born Nov. 7, 1809: Benj. Franklin, born June 25, 1812, and Laura Loraine, born July, 1814.

In 1817 to 1824 he seems to have resided in Braintree and Williamstown, Vt., as several children were born there.

Children of Roswell Smith (2), son of Roswell Smith (son of Steel Smith, of Windsor, Vt., 1765 to 1812), and his wife, Olive M. (Norton) Smith.

Mary P. Smith, b. Nov. 7, 1809, Barnston, Canada. (State Rec.,)

Benjamin F. Smith, b. June 25, 1812, Barnston, Canada. (State Rec.,)

Laura Loraine Smith, b. July 18, 1814, Barnstead, Canada. (State Rec.) Married Jackson Ellis (divorced). She died at LaCrosse, Wis., May 12, 1886. No children.

Lewis Smith, b. Jan. 19, 1817, Braintree, Vt. (Family Rec.) Died, unmarried, in the Civil War. He was with his father in East Middlebury, Vt. and owned with his father property there. Was also with his father in Fond-du-lac, Wis.

Olive Smith, b. Jan. 30, 1819, Braintree, Vt., or Williamstown, Vt. (Family Rec.,)

Clarissa Smith, b. Mch. 5, 1821, Braintree, Vt. (Census Rec.,)

Maria Smith, b. 1824, Braintree, Vt. (Family Rec.,)

George W. Smith, b. 1826, East Middlebury, Vt. (Pension Rec.) Died at Barre, Vt., about 1897. Married Lucy Gale. Resided at Barre and Williamstown, Vt., many years. Was in Civil War. Widow survived him; is dead. No children. Was a Civil War soldier and a U. S. pensioner.

Martha C. Smith, b. 1829, East Middlebury, Vt.;  (Family Rec.,)

Norton R. Smith, b. 1831, East Middlebury, Vt. (Census, Indianapolis, Ind., 1870).Norton R. Smith, son of Roswell Smith, son of Steel Smith, of Windsor, Vt. Born in East Middlebury, Vt., in 1831. Married Mary E. Bagley July 10, 1853, at La Crosse, Wis. He died in Denver, Colo., about 1880. She presumably died in La Crosse, Wis.


Egbert N. Smith, died in infancy, 6 or 7 months old, at La Crosse, Wis.

Census of 1830, of Middlebury, Addison, Vt., shows Roswell Smith as head of family, viz:

5 years and under 1 
5 to 15 years 1 
15 to 20 years 1 
40 to 50 years 1 Head of Family.
5 years and under 
10 to 15 years 1 
15 to 20 years 1 
30 to 40 years 1 Head of Family.
Census of 1840, same-shows him there with family of 8 children. The Register of Deeds of Middlebury, Vt., shows that Norman Tupper deeded to Roswell and Lewis Smith, both of Middlebury, Vt., the house known as the Levi Needham property, in East Middlebury, Vt., on Oct. 30, 1841, That on Mch. 4, 1842, they disposed of the same property, to Needham & Dennis, of East Middlebury, Vt., by transfer of mortgage.

About 1847 he left East Middlebury, Vt., and went with his family to Tay-che-dah, Wis., and resided in Fond-du-lac County until his death in 1860. He and his wife, Olive M., principally resided with his son, Benjamin F. Smith, in Tay-che-dah. He died October 2, 1860, in Fond-du-lac. She died in Tay-che-dah, Feb. 18, 1853. Both are buried in Tay-che-dah Cemetery Record, viz: "Roswell Smith died October 2, 1860, in the 86th year of his age: Olive M. Smith, wife of R. Smith, died Feb. 18, 1853, in the 61st year of her age."

The Census of Tay-che-dah, Wis., for 1850, gives his family, viz

Roswell Smith, age 69; born in Vermont.
Olive Smith, age 60; born in Vermont.
Hannah Smith, age 20; unknown.

Same Census records his son, viz

Benj. F. Smith, age 48; born in Canada.
Hannah Smith, age 29.
Ellen Smith, age 10.
B. F. Smith, Jr., age 8.
Virginia Smith, age 6.
Harriet Smith, age 4.

Same Census records his daughter, "Mariah C.," as the wife of Joseph Otis, of Tay-che-dah, and his daughter, "Martha," as the wife of Sylvester S. Stebbins, of Tay-che-dah, Wis., each with family.

NOTE: Census Record of Fond-du-lac, Wis., for 1860, gives Roswell Smith as 78 years of age. (The Cemetery Record is evidently an error, as he was born in 1781, at Windsor, Vt.) Census Record of Tay-che-dah, Wis., for 1850, gives the age of Olive, wife of Roswell Smith, as then 60 years, and Roswell Smith as then 69 years.

Record of Olive Norton

The Census Record of 1790 enumerates somewhere about twenty Nortons in Vermont-head of family.

The State Statistical Record shows but one Olive Norton of record, born prior to 1800. Olive, born of the family of Zera Norton, of Stafford, Vt. The Census of 1810 shows his family there. Two females under 20 years of age, one Olive, who according to The Town Record, married Daniel Hill, June 29, 1806. The Record says she was born of Zerah Norton and his wife, Ruth, Feb. 13, 1786, she being the only Olive Norton known as of the State Record born prior to 1800. We have to look elsewhere for the Olive M. Norton, our grandmother, who married our grandfather, Roswell Smith (Junior), about 1806 to 180S. No Canadian Records of the marriage, nor of the birth of the three children born in Stanstead, Province of Quebec, in 1809-1812 and 1814 can be found.

The most strenuous efforts to find the Family Record of our grandmother, Olive M. Norton, or a record of her marriage to our grandfather, Roswell Smith, Jr., son of Roswell Smith, son of Steel Smith, of Windsor, Vt., 1765 to 1812, has failed to bring any information except that of her death in Tay-che-dah, Wis., Feby. 18, 1853, at the home of her son, Benjamin F. Smith. The Cemetery Record there gives her age as 61 years. In the Census Record of Tay-che-dah, Wis., for 1850 she is enumerated as "Olive" only, and her age stated as 60 years. Therefore there is two years difference in her age as given in these records. She was born in Vermont, as of the Census Record, in 1790 or 1792. Her husband, Roswell Smith, our grandfather, died in Fond-du-lac, Wis., Oct. 2, 1860. He was buried in Tay-che-dah, Wis., beside his wife. His age being given as of the Cemetery Record as 79 years. Their first child was Mary Peck Smith, born Nov. 17, 1809, at Barnston, Province of Quebec, Canada. He resided at Stanstead and Barnston, where Grandfather Smith resided in about 1806 to 1817-18, where his father was a Baptist Preacher then, having moved from Moreton, Vt., about 1806. In 1820 we find our grandfather enumerated in the Census of Williamstown, Orange Co., Vt. Later he removed to East Middlebury, Vt., and later he went to Tay-che-dah, Wis. (about 1847).



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