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Ann Bennett Tapley Genealogy

Ann Bennett Tapley (Mark, Daniel, Thomas), second child of Mark Sanford and Sarah Bennett, was born in Folkstone, England, March 19, 1838. Married Thomas Harris of London, Eng., Dec. 9, 1863. He was born June 25, 1838, died in 1911. She died Aug. 7, 1907.


Jennie Harris, born Sept. 25, 1867. Married James Trotter Dec. 13, 1892. He was born in Wakefield, Eng. Feb. 25, 1863.


Henry Harris Trotter, born in Chicago Feb. 17, 1896. married Grace M. Taylor Sept. 23, 1924. She was born Mar. 8, 1900. He was minister of the Reformed Episcopal Church of Cleveland, Ohio, and Philadelphia, Pa.


Virginia Florence Trotter, born Dec. 14, 1925.
Mary Louise, born Mar. 17, 1928.
Margaret Ann, born Apr. 30, 1936.

Genevieve Sarah Trotter, born in Chicago Aug. 24, 1901. Married Walter V. Schielke, June 28 1922. He was born Aug. 21, 1898, in Chicago, Ill. Children:

James Carl Schielke born May 6, 1923.

Minnie Harris, born July 13, 1869.

Stella Harris, born June 26, 1873. Married Eugene Strong June 26, 1900. He was born in Buchanan, Mich, and died in 1905.


Ervin Eugene Strong, born Oct. 27, 1901, in Chicago, Ill., Married Dorothy E. Renfro, July 7, 1941. He is Supt. of the Union Oil Co. and resides in La Habra, Cal.

Ida Harris, born June 11, 1876. Married Harry Terriere, July 26, 1909. He died in May, 1911. She was companion to Mrs. Belle Goodkind 14 years, who left her $16,000 when she died.



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